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BSA Film Friday 05.01.15

BSA Film Friday 05.01.15



Our weekly focus on the moving image and art in the streets. And other oddities.

Now screening :

1. Richmond Mural Program 2014
2. Black ANZAC: Time Lapse of WW1 Soldier Wall
3. Adnate, Askew, Guido Van Helton, Mayo, Rone in Melbourne
4. Cane Morto & Borondo Combo In Lisbon


BSA Special Feature: Richmond Recap 2014

A community/business improvement initiative for the city of Richmond, Virginia, the past few years have featured a diverse roster of talents who dig the vibe and paint the town. This feel-good recap of the 2014 mural program gives an idea how initiatives like this can invigorate a local scene and how connections are made as a result.

Black ANZAC: Time Lapse of WW1 Soldier Wall

A wheat-pasted mural by Hego in Meningie, South Australia to honor soldiers fighting in World War 1.

Adnate, Askew, Guido Van Helton, Mayo, Rone in Melbourne

A monochromatic wall can help tie together different styles of painting and writing. In this ad for a mural painting service, these street artists give a great demo of collaborative work on a hundred meter wall in Collingwood, Melbourne.

Cane Morto & Borondo Combo In Lisbon

You can never tell how much of this wild-man flailing of the arms and manic yelping at the sky and alleged illicit portrait painting is genuine with Cane Morto – but surely you can tell that there is a screw loose somewhere when looking at this teaser for their upcoming movie.


*Top image screenshot of Wes21 and ONUR at Richmond Mural Program



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