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BSA Interviewed in Graffiti Art Magazine Issue #56 About Exhibition “Martha Cooper: Taking Pictures”

BSA Interviewed in Graffiti Art Magazine Issue #56 About Exhibition “Martha Cooper: Taking Pictures”

We’re honored to be featured in the new issue of Graffti Art Magazine #56 in an interview about our exhibition at Urban Nation in Berlin right now, Martha Cooper: Taking Pictures.

Graffti Art Magazine: Can you tell us about Urban Nation and about this unprecedented collaboration with Martha Cooper to create this impressive Martha Cooper: Taking Pictures retrospective?  

Steven P. Harrington and Jaime Rojo: In Berlin, the Urban Nation Museum has a core mission to educate visitors about the many movements of art in the streets globally. We opened it in 2017 alongside a director, 7 curators, and 165 artists representing five decades and many countries. This first solo show is the museum’s third, presenting a retrospective exhibition of seven decades of Martha Cooper’s photographic career.  

Graffti Art Magazine: What narrative do you propose with respect to Martha Cooper’s work through this documentary exhibition?  

Steven P. Harrington and Jaime Rojo: The narrative is a world-renowned photographer with roots in ethnology who has traveled the world for 6 decades, shooting peoples’ creativity. Her pivotal documentation of early graffiti and Hip Hop is well-known and cherished, and we want visitors to experience it in the context of a life’s work. The most extensive career survey ever exhibited, it’s culled from Martha’s archives, personal artifacts, and collections. It’s an absorbing display of photographs, black books, ephemera, original works by artists, a video installation, and hundreds of her well-known and unseen shots.  

Graffti Art Magazine: What role do you think Martha Cooper has played in the global urban art scene?  

Steven P. Harrington and Jaime Rojo: Martha’s unpretentious, revelatory view of a previously hidden subculture unquestionably humanized the practice of graffiti – she gave it a heart and a name. Shooting with the gritty determination of a New York City newspaper photographer, she was also a formally educated and well-traveled ethnographer when she first captured the people, techniques, and graffiti practices. Her photographs from Subway Art with Henry Chalfant made their book the “Bible” of the graffiti writers worldwide for the decades that followed.  

Graffti Art Magazine: If you had to highlight one memorable moment of this collaboration with Martha Cooper, what would it be?  

Steven P. Harrington and Jaime Rojo: We have two: The first one was our overwhelming sense of discovery during a weekend in her studio – she entrusted us with all her archives, books, ephemera, and artifacts that would eventually help us tell the story of her life. The second one was the Zoom meeting early in the pandemic with Martha and us in New York and Michelle Houston and Reinaldo Verde from YAP in Berlin. After months of trans-Atlantic communications, we virtually toured all ten sections of the exhibition together. Martha loved what she saw, and that’s when we knew the exhibition would be a success.    

Graffti Art Magazine: What are your 3 most iconic photos by Martha Cooper?

Steven P. Harrington and Jaime Rojo: It’s hard to choose but we might say
1. Dondi painting at the New Lots Train Yards in Brooklyn. 1980.
2. Subway Art “The Cadets” 1977-1980.
3. Street Play Lil Crazy Legs. Riverside Park, Manhattan. 1983. Hip Hop Files

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Twin Sets: Graffiti Art Magazine

Twin Sets: Graffiti Art Magazine

You ever look at Graffiti Art magazine from Paris? It has really turned into such a great quarterly and this new issue number 20 has MOMO on the cover! Also finally an article about the fascinating occurrence of a number of twin duos who work in the Street Art scene today.brooklyn-street-art-graffiti-art-magazine-twins-issue-jaime-rojo-02-14-web-1

Graffiti Art Magazine Cover with MOMO.

Profiled are Os Gemeos, How & Nosm, Skewville, Sobekcis, and even Miss Van, who reveals that she is one half of a twin set. Because the magazine has such impeccable taste, it also features portraits of Skewville and How& Nosm by our own editor of photography Jaime Rojo.  Check it out!


Graffiti Art Magazine #20. How & Nosm portrait taken by Jaime Rojo at their studio.


To order the new issue go to Graffiti Art Magazine

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BSA in New York Issue of Graffiti ART Magazine

The French contemporary art magazine Graffiti ART has just released their New York issue, giving an overview of historical and current players on the graffiti/street art scene in New York City. Along with profiling the work of people like Keith Haring, Patty Astor, Crash, Dan Witz, and How & Nosm, you’ll find a nice piece about your favorite street art blog, Brooklyn Street Art (BSA).

Special thanks to editor Samantha Longhi, who once wrote a regular column here on BSA with her Top 5 Stencils of the Week, for her inclusion of us in this issue, and to BSA readers for your continued support. We appreciate the recognition for our work and labors of love.

GraffitiART issue #17 on news stands now. (photo © courtesy of Graffiti ART)

BSA shares the spread with some true leaders At149th Street in the New York Issue of GraffitiART. Thank you to Martha Cooper for the photo! (photo © courtesy of Graffiti ART)


Click here for more on the Graffiti ART Magazine New York Issue.


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Galerie Itinerrance Presents: Logan Hicks Solo Show (Paris)

Logan Hicks

Logan Hicks

Logan Hicks

Logan Hicks (US, New York)

Opening June 10th, from 6pm
Supported by Malibu

Solo show June 10 – July 3

Logan Hicks lives in New York and works within the artistic pool of Brooklyn. His relationship to the city is passionate and his fascination has remained unchanged over time. That led him to keep photographing facades, streets, subway tunnels he reproduces through so hyperreal.istic stencils. He is a pioneer in this field, he has created without being emulated but never equaled.

Today, he develops a new very graphic direction. His new works are going towards the treatment of more pronounced lines, with a smoothness and clarity unrivaled in the world of stencil art, as if the tool did not count anymore.
With a career spanning more than ten years, Logan Hicks has emerged as one of the most important artist in the international street art scene.

Galerie Itinerrance

7 bis, rue René Goscinny
75013 Paris
M° Bibliothèque François Miterrand


Galerie Itinerrance
7bis, rue René Goscinny - 75013 Paris
M° Bibliothèque F.Mitterrand
du mercredi au samedi de 14h à 19h

Samantha Longhi

Directrice artistique
00 33 6 58 05 56 01
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