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Brooklyn Street Art: Halloween Prep and Friday Fun

It’s that time of the year kids! You know what tomorrow is, right?

Where the Wild Things Are
Creative Commons License photo credit: Skinned Mink

Some Brooklyn kids (ages 4-54) are “getting their HOWWEEN on” starting tonight even though the All Hallows Eve is not until tomorrow. In fact morning rush hour today featured more freaks than usual on the train, so I’m guessing there are a lot of office parties this afternoon. This weekend the streets are going to be crammed with Ghosts, Witches, Shreks, Wild Things, Sexy Nurses, Tea Baggers, Chewbaccas, Balloon Boys, and drag queen Ann Coulters.

My buddy Justin, who’s actually a fashion photographer and cashier at a 99 cent store is re-cycling his Lumberjack/World Wresting Foundation Fan costume from last year and adding a Pabst Blue Ribbon can for a Crunchy Hipster costume – I think the camo-cap will be totally awesome!

Character Composite
Creative Commons License photo credit: Renee Silverman – Happy Halloween

I’m thinking of going out as  Sean Connery in the movie Zardoz.

The New York City local Office of Homeland Insecurity has put of these helpful safety guidelines for Trick-Or-Treaters this year, and as a public service we are posting them here.

  1. Cover your entire costume with bright orange reflective tape for safety purposes. Cars should be able to see you before they even take their exit off the BQE.
  2. Submerge your entire costume in a bathtub of flame-retardant before putting on.
  3. Throw all treats directly in the garbage cans on the corner provided by NYC Sanitation. You never know if they’ve been tampered with. When you return home you can eat the treats you bought in an approved chain drugstore.
  4. Do not cross any streets. Drivers are very dangerous.
  5. Walk in groups of 10 or more, all of you armed.
  6. Illuminate your entrance with klieg lights for the safety of your guests.
  7. Instead of dangerous candles in your jack-o-lantern, why not try klieg lights?
  8. Plan your trick-or-treating trip in advance and create a map and exact schedule. Then deliver it to your local police precinct and review it with an officer who will be on duty during that time.
  9. Avoid people in costumes. You don’t know who they are.
  10. Be Safe and Have Fun!

Here’s an Indian “Thriller” to Get You In the Mood.

Enjoy this Halloween Weekend, there are only a couple more before the Earth is consumed in fire, locusts, and swine flu.

Tomorrow: Halloween Street Art

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