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BSA Film Friday 08.12.22

BSA Film Friday 08.12.22

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Our weekly focus on the moving image and art in the streets. And other oddities.

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1. Accelerating Progress for Gender Equality

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BSA Special Feature: Accelerating Progress for Gender Equality

A mural program to raise awareness of the Generation Equality Forum, we have today videos of murals created in Mexico City, Paris, and New York. A coalition of banks, social organizations, UN organizations, and nations, the Forum says that it has a five year plan culminating in 2026 that “is built around a Global Acceleration Plan  – a global road map for gender equality that aims to fulfil the promise of the Beijing Platform for Action and achieve the Sustainable Development Goals. It involves every sector of society – governments, civil society, private sector, entrepreneurs, trade unions, artists, academia and social influencers – to drive urgent action and accountability.”

“Generation Equality” Mural by Adry del Rocio. Mexico City, Mexico.

“Generation Equality” Mural by Lula Goce. Paris. France.

Generation Equality” Mural by Vinie. New York City.

Click HERE to learn more about Generation Equality Forum.

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