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NUART 2015 Box Set Boasts Jamie Reid, Martha Cooper, Futura, and More

NUART 2015 Box Set Boasts Jamie Reid, Martha Cooper, Futura, and More

A quick shout out today to a not-for-profit organization we work with in Norway called Nuart, whose Street Art festival is one of the best and which celebrated its 15th year this September. As a fundraiser for the dedicated art collectors this year Nuart produced a collection of 15 plates in boxed set to fund-raise and to make a record of their evolutionary timeline.

Limiting the color range to red, black and white, the collection includes works by artists whom have crossed paths with and made important contributions to the graffiti/Street Art/urban art oeuvrein some cases spanning decades.

The boxed set of plates is for the seriously committed collector and contains original signed works by Bortusk Leer (UK, Jamie Reid (UK, Dotdotdot (NO), Isaac Cordal (ES), Martha Cooper (US), Futura (US), Fra Biancoshock (IT), Martin Whatson (Handfinished) (NO), Icy & Sot (IR), Ella & Pitr (FR), Sandra Chevrier (CA), Dotmasters (UK), Mobstr (UK), M-City (Hand-sprayed original) (PL), and Pixel Pancho (IT).





NUART 2015 . Box Set. Futura. (photo courtesy of NUART)


NUART 2015 . Box Set. Mobstr. (photo courtesy of NUART)


NUART 2015 . Box Set. Martha Cooper. (photo courtesy of NUART)


NUART 2015 . Box Set. Sandra Chevrier (photo courtesy of NUART)


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