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Enjoy Your Bailout!

Tiny Bubbles in the Wine, Make Me Feel Happy, Make Me Feel Fine…


It’s been a rapacious slide down this economic razorblade this past year, and despite the momentary uptick in “the numbers on the Street”, no one is saying we have hit the bottom yet.  Also what they are not saying, the hyper “experts” (with flying motion graphics, props, and multiple camera angles) is that the banks are the only ones doing fine (thanks to your taxes), while you lose your job, your house, your health insurance, your teeth, your wig, your favorite hanky, your reputation, your girlfriend, and finally, your mind.

Um, not to burst anyone’s bubble. So far, the streets are still open to public discourse:

photo by MSG

Whoops!  Where it is? (photo Steven P. Harrington)

enjoy subprime lending

photo by MSG

Free Free, Set them Free (photo Steven P. Harrington)

Free Free, set them Free (photo Steven P. Harrington)

Art:21 recently featured an insightful interview by Hrag Vartanian with the artist (or artist consortium, as the case may be) who have been smacking up ironic phrases in bloated shapes and 1980’s fonts all over the Lower East Side/Chinatown part of Manhattan, and now in parts of Brooklyn:

Hrag Vartanian: Is there something specific, other than the obvious economic meltdown, that triggered the EnjoyBanking campaign?

EnjoyBanking: You are partially correct—the financial meltdown is a direct catalyst for the campaign. However, the true heart of the campaign lies in responding to an underlying cause of the collapse: misinformation. Read the full interview here

While you wait for your bailout, ENJOY DON HO!

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