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“I HEART HAITI” T-Shirt Gives 100% to American Red Cross

Here’s the deal:

You Give $25 to the Red Cross = Billi Gives You a T-Shirt

Since the January 12th earthquake we’ve seen lots of neighbors jump on board to help the people of Haiti. Hell, Lou A. even went there to help in person. (Go Lou!) Brooklyn hurts when Haiti hurts, and it’s been fantabulous to see a lot of artists really put their hearts where their mouth is.hearthaiti_1

Having a heart for Haiti is one thing, but it’s also important to “walk the walk”, says Street Artist Billi Kid, and you have to agree with him.

We do. That’s why we’re helping him and telling you about this fundraiser.

What's not to love?

What's not to love?

The project is called “I HEART HAITI” – seems simple enough, and we’re glad to see that the artist has figured out a way to give 100% of the profits to the people who are hurting.

These three companies have generously donated their time and services
Alternative Apparel ,
The Shirt Factory , and
The Public Works Department

Here’s the website

The I HEART HAITI website is LIVE and they are ready to take your order for Men’s and Ladies styles in 4 different sizes.

PLEASE SEND THIS LINK TO YOU FRIENDS, Twitter it, FaceBook it, Text it, and send your grammy a nice hand written letter.  She probably deserves one anyway even if you don’t mention the tee-shirt.


Brooklyn Street Art: So, how did you conceive of the design for the shirt?
Billi Kid: I’ve always been a fan of Milton Glaser’s “I Heart NY” tee. Honestly, it was the first thing that came to mind. The message is simple, yet resonates to the core of how we should feel about Haiti right now.

CC License photo credit: Aash J

Brooklyn Street Art: It seems like it’s really nice quality….
Billi Kid: Alternative Apparel’s tee is of the highest quality and feels like butter. It’s 100% pure Egyptian cotton and retails for $19.95 without the silk screened artwork.

CC License photo credit: Aash J

Brooklyn Street Art: Isn’t it hard to get partners to do the production and shipping for a project like this?
Billi Kid: I have to give all of the credit to the Public Works Department. They brought in all of the partners involved. All I did was design and produce the artwork and website. No small feat, but it felt good doing it. One of the great things about unemployment is you have lots of free time. LOL

U.S. volunteers hand out food and water in Haiti
CC License photo credit: USAID images

Brooklyn Street Art: You are not a major corporation – how did you manage to give 100% of the proceeds to Haiti?
Billi Kid: Again, PWD has all of these great relationships with the folks involved. Fortunately, they all wanted to donate to the best of their abilities. The Shirt Factory printed over 12 dozen tees at no cost and pledged to do more if our efforts are successful. I’m sure what we raise is just a drop in the bucket, but every little bit counts.

Brooklyn Street Art: Can you talk about the aid organization you’re working with?
Billi Kid: We decided to give all of the donations to the American Red Cross because they seem to be the most legitimate and involved charity out there. Unfortunately, they protect their brand to such a point that they asked us to take their logo off our website. No hard feelings though, we have all heard how people rush to profit from such tragedies. OUCH!

hearthaiti_1Brooklyn Street Art: People in Haiti are living under a piece of fabric, or plastic. How long do you think they will continue to need help?
Billi Kid: I have heard it said that this tragedy was not an act of nature, but rather an act of poverty. It will take decades before we see real progress from this earthquake, let alone their economy.

Brooklyn Street Art: Anything else we should mention?
Billi Kid: I have to give a shout out to BSA. I Heart BSA!!!

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Photo credit: Please see Aash J’s Flickr at

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