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BSA Film Friday: 10.05.18

BSA Film Friday: 10.05.18


Our weekly focus on the moving image and art in the streets. And other oddities.

Now screening :
1. “Wasteland Wanderers” by MZM Projects in Two Parts
2. Medianeras Murales for Contorno Urbano and  12 + 1 Project
3. Pixel Pancho X Punto Urbano Art Musuem by Owley


BSA Special Feature: “Wasteland Wanderers” by MZM Projects 

This week we feature a couple of new film pieces from the Ukraine based duo of Kristina Borhes and Nazar Tymoschuk which fairly present an insightful treatise on a particular flavor of Post-Graffiti. Think of it as a two volume textbook and your professors will guide you through the darkness into the light.

A Dilogy.

“The place tells you what to do,” is a poetic and truthful phrase uttered in “Night” on the relationship a vandal has to an abandoned factory, school, home, medical facility; it is spacial and alchemical.

It is also personal, says the female narrator. “The presence of their absence,” is something that every Wasteland Wanderer will be familiar with, the knowledge and feeling that others have been there before you. The work is undeniably affected, even created in response.

“The main aim of ‘Wasteland Wanderer/Night’ is to introduce the specific approach used by a particular post-graffiti community; their sentiment regarding abandoned architecture; precise work with the natural environment and consideration of architectural surroundings,” say the directors. Of the 20 artists who participated in the Black Circle Festival held in this abandoned Soviet health resort in Western Ukraine, you can see how the space is a frame and context, if not a lifeblood for many.

Part two is ‘Wasteland Wanderer/Day’, unnarrated by words but accompanied by sound, including the indistinct chatter and whispers that remain in your mind as the noise from your previous location quiets inside your head.

“Just like in real life, the voices of artists are transformed into lines and shapes on the remaining walls of wasteland. Before they left, people made their marks here. Artists in turn just attempted to re-think those marks, therefore this journey is full of recomposed stories and silent narrations.”

The range of styles is appreciable yet the palette is subdued and stark – recalling the desaturated “Homo Sapiens” documentary by Nikolaus Geyrhalter that the directors say inspired the presentation. The voices are many; clear, filtered, transitory, distinct, cryptic, diagrammatic, organic, gestural, bloated, wrapped, stripped, implied.

“Echoes, whispers, shadows, lines.”



Wasteland Wanderers dilogy artists: Akey, Am-Am, Anton Varga, BGJA, CXCVIII, Don Forty, Eas, Fruits of the Lump, Kuba, Maniac, Mihail Melnichenko, Nazar Sladkovsky, Nick Viska, No Future, O.K., Orma, Raspazjan Jan, Seikon, Sewer, Serhii Radkevich (aka Teck), Serhii Torbinov (aka York), Simek, Stanislav Turina, SC Szyman, Tabu, Vave.


Medianeras Murales / Contorno Urbano Foundation /  12 + 1 Project

The striped MEDIANERAS gazes upon the humble sneaker as it lounges across this checkerboard floor in Barcelona. Lo-fi. Hi-Cool.


Pixel Pancho X Punto Urbano Art Musuem. Salem, MA By Owley

Decisive, imaginative and boldly street-debonaire in his newest project for the Punto Urbano Art Museum, Pixel Pancho still appears to have a geranium in the cranium. Enjoy the interlude by Owley.


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BSA Film Friday: 01.31.14

BSA Film Friday: 01.31.14



Our weekly focus on the moving image and art in the streets. And other oddities.

Now screening :

1. Plotbot KEN on Acid Tanks
2. Story Of Abstract Ritual From Jeff Frost
3. Boohaha & Don Forty: Μαινάδες-Maenads in Athens, Greece.
4. Pixel Pancho in Santurce

BSA Special Feature: PLOTBOT Ken hits Acid Tanks

In this film by Isabelle Petit we can revel in the physical and material qualities of paint, dripping, smearing, speckled and strewn. With your air mask on you can  accompany these urban explorers as they venture into the carcass of industry that lays barren and toxic, corrosive and threatening to life. It’s a drums and bass soundtrack that accompanies the bubbling, spraying, steaming pastiche and the Berlin based Plotblot Ken gives an ominous darkness with his own industry in the detritus of that city, but really it could be anywhere in the abandoned industrial areas that litter our globe.


Story Of Abstract Ritual From Jeff Frost

“Hi I’m Jeff, an artist based out of Southern California. This is the story about how I became a nomad and embarked on an endless adventure,” begins photographer and director Jeff Frost as he describes his very visually stimulating and magical dance of inverted Joshua trees with light, motion, and sound — and many volunteers.


Boohaha & Don Forty: Μαινάδες-Maenads. Athens, Greece.

Oh no! It’s more foreboding music and broken glass as the camera hovers and slowly inches across the floor! Fallen leaves, dry leaves, desiccated branches with leaves, fluttering leaves. Then forms in darkness rapidly move in the shadows, maybe sawing something, maybe jumping on or stabling something. Don’t be afraid, it’s just a temporary sculpture installation in an abandoned space in Greece… with an excellent soundtrack.


Pixel Pancho in Santurce, Puerto Rico.

And to round out the collection with one more haunted and futuristic soundtrack, Pixel Pancho and Tost Films treat you to a stop action vision of how he creates one of his insectual future disaster scenes while the crazy cloud atmospherics of nature and post-production blurring are punctuated by the truculent punching of drumsticks and the sidewinding slathering of rusty razoring guitars.

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