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The Dirty Fabulous comes to Ad Hoc


April 3rd through May 3rd 2009

Opening Reception: Friday, April 3rd, 7pm-10pm

TheDirtyFabulous was born in the year of the Dragon and travels the windblown highway of Interstate 40.

This body of work actually began in 1997 – in a small, run-down house on some wooded land. The place has since been deserted. Working in that place helped bring into focus the narratives I would continue to work with. Over the years, the work has been slowly accumulating. I see this as an ongoing project – a book of fables, with large paper drawings as pages. These drawings have no set sequence of images or reading. The word fable is derived from the Latin word fabula, meaning “story”. I repeatedly explore themes such as myth, psychology, philosophy, apparition of beauty, eroticism, machines of fate, human folly, nostalgia, mortality, history, consumer culture, industrialization, loss and regret. Imagery is used from many sources and typically a work is generated in response to readings or in reference to life experiences. I use nineteenth century mechanical relics, sequences from dreams, vintage pin-ups, scientific historical images, anatomy and nostalgic panoramas as symbolic references. Combined in the work, they allow for commentary, connection and invention on many topics and ideas.

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