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Thrilling Diversions on “HUMP” Day

Some days I come up Jack, Zilch, Nada – Nothing new from me on the “street art” tip.

Damn, son, sometimes I just wanna sit at a desk and skip across Magic Interweb-Land and look at porn look for incredible art-related videos that I think you’ll find inspiring and titillating educational.

And when I round the corner on that imaginary interweb street, I have no idea what I’m going to find.   So, it’s kind of like street art, except I don’t have to get off my arse.

But, whoaaa, what eye candy I found today!

Talk about Dropping Science!

So, if you want to blow your head off, check out this video from Neuro Sonic Audio Medical

And Just in Time for Day of the Dead

This music video includes ink drawings and cut-out figures, inspired by illustrator Edward Gorey. It was developed this year during an animation workshop at UCLA’s Department of Theater, Film and Television.

I know what this looks like…

Photo: toastforbrekkie

Photo: toastforbrekkie

Photo: toastforbrekkie

But it’s just an OPTICAL ILLUSION!  He’s not really going down on a big space missile. Get your mind out of the gutter, people!  Honestly. That would be vulgar and I would not post such a thing!

See more of what they call FORCED PERSPECTIVE photos here at Environmental Graffiti

And Finally, the Formation of the World in One Minute

The majority of today’s New Yorker’s have ADHD and absolutely no patience, or time, to wait around to see the formation of the world so Chris Cox jammed it in a minute for you.
And as AN ADDED BONUS, if you endure an additional 20 seconds you can see how the world all comes together in 250 million years, which is about how long it takes Joe at Fratellis deli to get me a coffee sometimes.
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