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BSA Film Friday: 02.12.16

BSA Film Friday: 02.12.16




Our weekly focus on the moving image and art in the streets. And other oddities.

Now screening :

1. Madrid’s Finest: Alber, Snack, and Ysen
2. 10 Spots to Experience Street Art and Graffiti in NYC
3. Aryz In Detroit
4. David Zayas Installation Timelapse for “Muralismo” Exhibition in Puerto Rico


BSA Special Feature: Madrid’s Finest

A fresh new video with Alber, Snack, and Ysen piecing the be-jesus out of a wall in Spain and giving you pure eye candy for Film Friday this week. Each a member of a different crew, the collaborative effort is a demonstration of “unity is strength”. In their case, it is a lot of style as well.

10 Spots to Experience Street Art and Graffiti in NYC

A visitor from London took his tips about NY Street Art and Graffiti from Time Out magazine, as many tourists do. Hitting all the spots by car and shot entirely on an iPhone in January, it’s a surface survey, a current snapchat of a complex scene that quickly changes.


Aryz In Detroit

Aryz did this wall with help from Library Street Collective and it is a good look at his process of building an image, shot by Mike Mojica.


David Zayas Installation Timelapse for “Muralismo” Exhibition in Puerto Rico

A surprising video that captures the 44 day installation period artist David Zayas had to transform a space for his exhibition considering the contemporary mural as an historical and modern practice and a vehicle for communication at the Lugar Museo Las Americas.

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BSA Film Friday: 10.17.14

BSA Film Friday: 10.17.14



Our weekly focus on the moving image and art in the streets. And other oddities.

Now screening :

1. Sofles in Paris
2. Russians Hi-Jack an Electronic Billboard in Hong Kong
3. Kid Acne: The Birth of Hip-Hop
4. RO: “Les Saigneurs”
5. David Zayas: “Animalia” From Tost Films.

BSA Special Feature: Sofles In Paris

Selina Miles has directed a few outstanding videos of Sofles in abandoned warehouses and in this comparatively tame new piece she takes you with style to a couple of quick spots on the streets of Paris, with a cameo at the end from duo Sobekcis. We say quick only because Sofles can knock huge burners out while other guys are still organizing their cans, and because he makes it look effortless. But check the concentration.

Russians Hi-Jack an Electronic Billboard in Hong Kong

‘During our last visit in Hong Kong, not only did we take a lot of awesome pictures, but we also made a video which was shot a few hours before our flight to Tokyo. The venue is the very heart of Hong Kong, a skyscraper with a huge billboard.”

Or so they SAY! God if you ever want your buzz to be instantly killed read the YouTube comments under this video – or any video for that matter.

But it still looks like it is totally possible for billboards to be Hi-Jacked these days. And it looks like a few Go-Pros and a drone can capture all the excitement. Main question remains – why didn’t they put up some pro-revolution message, or a shout out to their favorite band, or at least some guy giving his partner the old Russian sausage up on the screen. C’mon – you’re teenagers aren’t you?


Kid Acne: The Birth of Hip-Hop

One of the few Street Artist rappers out there, Kid Acne gets all Yes Yes Ya’ll on his new wall, a nativity scene to remind us what the upcoming holidayze are all about.

RO: “Les Saigneurs”

You really can’t say that you see many hand painted ink wheatpastes up under an overpass. Usually it’s a giant roller or a series of aerosol works. Here Ro is wheat pasting be-headed figures painted with average studio brushes in an illustration style remniscent of political cartoons near the dawn of the printing press.

Distinctly anti-fashion and pro-collabo D.I.Y. it is nonetheless somewhat difficult to follow with its frequent jump cuts to black and patchy audio, you gotta give Collective Souslesmurs (The Wall Collective) credit for getting out there to break some new ground.

David Zayas: “Animalia” From Tost Films.

 “Hablamos un poco con David sobre sus principios como artistas, su motivo y su idea del muralismo dentro de su obra plástica,” says Tost films in this interview with 30 year old Puerto Rican painter David Zayas.

“Being an artist is not just about being talented. It’s a responsibility. and that has made me passionate,” says Zayas.



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