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BSA Film Friday 02.20.15

BSA Film Friday 02.20.15



Our weekly focus on the moving image and art in the streets. And other oddities.

Now screening :

1. Ella And Pitr: “Par Terre”
2. Hama Woods: Rat Pack Party
3. DAS WIENERWALD in an abandoned Viennese Restaurant
4. Tugly: Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional.


Ella And Pitr: “Par Terre”

This one soars with a poetry that is sweet, but not saccharine. The rather astonishing French pair Ella and Pitr compile here their enormous drawings that can only be appreciated by birds, people in planes or hot air balloons, and of course, drones. “PAR TERRE” (by Earth) created this compilation of images while traveling to Chile, Portugal, Canada, and France over the last two years. Their materials are water-based ink, coal, chalk, and lime. And their feet.

Hama Woods: Rat Pack Party

A simple idea well executed in a brief and entertaining way. Also, rats are cute. Hama Woods says hi from Oslo, Norway.

DAS WIENERWALD in an abandoned Viennese Restaurant

“DAS WIENERWALD“ (translated as The Vienna Woods) is a project formed to take over abandoned buildings and create an art show within them.  Suppose that is what graffiti and Street Artists have been doing for decades, but this is the result of a concentrated week-long effort. This video shows the gradual evolution of thirteen different artists work in an empty restaurant in the center of Vienna to an inexplicable soundtrack of a song made entirely of sampled pieces of “Urgent” by Foreigner.

Film and editing by Niko Havranek by NIKO HAVRANEK

Tugly: Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional.

Jokester/philosopher/graffiti artist Tugly dispenses with this bit of wisdom and sends you into a calm Zen-like state of existence, however painful.

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