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BSA Film Friday: 05.27.16

BSA Film Friday: 05.27.16




Our weekly focus on the moving image and art in the streets. And other oddities.

Now screening :

1. I Don’t Expect To Be A Mother, But I Don’t Expect To Die Alone: Olek and Michelle P. Dodson:
2. The Tale of Hillbelly
3. Nychos: Vienna Therapy
4. PangeaSeed’s Sea Walls: Murals For Oceans – New Zealand 2016


BSA Special Feature: Olek and Michelle P. Dodson: I Don’t Expect To Be A Mother, But I Don’t Expect To Die Alone

A walk-through of last years’ installation in the basement of the former Williamsburg Savings Bank by Olek and Michele P. Dodson incorporating crochet and projection mapping. Organized by Santiago Rumney Guggenheim the show was a collection of some of his favorites, including Swoon, Aiko, and light artist Olivia Steele, the immersive room that Olek and Dodson created caught your attention because of its state of flux.

Light projections featured the unraveling of crochet pieces projected on walls, in frames, across of mini Judy Chicago-ish triangle shaped dinner table, and mannequins suspended from the ceiling wrapped in Olek bodysuits. The installation seemed to capture and release the viewer quickly, giving a sense of impermanence. For that matter the whole inaugural show by what was presented as a new gallery appeared to disappear quickly as well. But for that moment,  just when you are sure you were getting it and ready to move on, beauty would take over, patterns overwhelming.

So it’s good to look at this again, albeit without sound, and wonder when that thread will be picked up again.

The Tale of Hillbelly

We leave the city street to a go to the wide open country for this one.

The simplest of stories are our oldest, passed down through folklore and standing as archetypes. Here in a live/animated tale we see a vision of idealized nature and rites of spring with a real orchestra, this yoga performing hillbilly communes with nature and is overcome by it in a foxy manner. Of course it is a metaphor that may be interpreted by myriad philosophers, and we think it looks a lot like this moment.

Created by Darren Rabinovitch with a score by Jeremy Harris.


Nychos: Vienna Therapy.

A brief teaser of an upcoming show by Nychos in New York. He’ll be splitting Freud wide open in public at the Flatiron Plaza June 16th.

Also there’s the June 25th Jonathan Levine opening that will dissect more ICONS, and you may even see a new wall or two soon by this Austrian urban illustrator.


PangeaSeed’s Sea Walls: Murals For Oceans – New Zealand 2016

 “Within the span of five days, 28 large-scale, thought-provoking public murals were realized throughout the Ahuriri and Napier area. Each piece sheds light on New Zealand’s pressing marine environmental issues such as shark finning, overfishing, coastal development, climate change, and endangered marine life conservation, furthering PangeaSeed Foundation’s ARTivism (Art + Activism) initiative.”

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