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BSA Film Friday 01.15.16

BSA Film Friday 01.15.16




Our weekly focus on the moving image and art in the streets. And other oddities.

Now screening :

1. A time lapse of sunny skies and weaves: Damian Fulton
2. The Perfect Day in Cambodia
3. PUN18 1985-2016 In Memoriam
4. Zheani X Shida Collaborate


BSA Special Feature: Damian Fulton

A time lapse of sunny skies and weaves — “It’s such a righteous image that once you see it you go “YES!” Got it!” “I want that,” says Greg Escalonte, co-founder of Juxtapoz. He’s speaking to the gut reaction that California surf culture folks have when they see the new piece by Damian Fulton. Also, there’s a dream sequence!



The Perfect Day in Cambodia

This looks like a trailer for a larger piece:

Artist David Choe writes “This trip to Cambodia was not a news trip, we were there strictly to spread the message of love, light, beauty, joy, free expression and creativity. I didn’t realize how many millions of musicians, artists, writers and creative people had been murdered in the Cambodian genocide, so I wanted to bring the best artists in the world to Cambodia, a country that has virtually no murals or street art. Our goal, working through the #IglooHong Foundation, was simple: to spread some light, joy and beauty to a country with such a dark past.”


PUN18 1985-2016 In Memoriam

A small collection of video pieces from the recently passed psychadelic graffiti writer/ Street Artist Pun18 from Puerto Rico by his friends at TostFilms.

“Every moment that passes is one of learning and value all that we have, so Pun18: Today is a day to celebrate your life and all the moments I shared with you. Thanks for including me and count on me for all the inventions had. With great respect and love I dedicate this short video of some of those moments we shared . I will miss you very much and continue forward like you taught me well . I love you like a brother. Rest in peace.”


Zheani X Shida Collaborate

Berliner Shida is experimenting with some digital op art in this little promo video for his collaboration with Zheani Sparkes. It’s interesting to see how his street work is also reflected in this interpretation in video

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