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Projekt Projektor in DUMBO this Weekend

Getting Up on the Wall with Light

Brooklyn Street Artists Show their Work with Projectors in DUMBO this Weekend.

Brooklyn is in the streets this weekend with two nights of public art projections called Projekt Projektor, launched during the artist’s festival in DUMBO, Brooklyn.

Projekt Projektor expands the definition of Brooklyn street art to include the fleeting electronic and animated images of current projection artists in the public sphere; including video jockeys SuperDraw, SeeJ, Jeremy Slater, and Housewife’s Guide to Anatomy, as well as images of street art from photographer Jaime Rojo and stop-action animation from Steven P. Harrington.

Mounted at Halcyon on the Pearl Street Triangle, with a live soundtrack performed by four New York electronic DJ’s streaming live on, the inaugural installation of Projekt Projektor will show video and stills in the midst of the public art celebrations.

Dates: Friday, September 26 and Saturday, September 27, 2008
Time: 7 pm to 11 pm
Location: Pearl Street Triangle area of DUMBO, Brooklyn

Who is invited: Brooklyn lovers, pedestrians, passersby, friends and fans of video projection, street art, electronic music, emerging art, and celebrants of the creative spirit.

Projekt Projektor Night 1
Friday 9/26
Jeremy Slater
Jaime Rojo
Steven P. Harrington
Golden Child

Projekt Projektor Night 2
Saturday 9/27
Housewife’s Guide to Anatomy
Jaime Rojo
Steven P. Harrington

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