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BSA Film Friday: 03.14.14

BSA Film Friday: 03.14.14



Our weekly focus on the moving image and art in the streets. And other oddities.

Now screening :

1. Borondo and Narcissus
2. Fukushima: Happened 3 Years Ago
3. A Wynwood Timelapse – Miami, Puerto Rico, and Spain in Effect
4. Ian Strange: FINAL ACT
4b: Gordan Matta Clarke building cuts
5. Louis Jensen Profiles Ronin Tomoshima in The Mission

BSA Special Feature: Borondo and Narcissus

In this video by Fabiano Caputo we see a London installation beside a busy watery channel between two nondescript bridges. It is simple concept executed brilliantly and presented without gimmickry or chest thumping – even though the inspiration is that fella who fell in love with his own reflection.

Fukushima: Happened 3 Years Ago

A helpful reminder that radiation lasts thousands of years. Any questions?

A Wynwood Timelapse – Miami, Puerto Rico, and Spain in Effect

Doesn’t look like much is happening at the beginning but the weather is always nice even when it isn’t in Miami. Then suddenly the details emerge and the composition makes sense. The collaborative wall includes Trek6 (Miami / Puerto Rico), DonRimx (New York / Puerto Rico),Txemy (Spain) & Separ (Puerto Rico).

Ian Strange: FINAL ACT

A film, photography and installation based project by street artist Kid Zoom, now establishing himself as visual artist Ian Strange.

These houses condemned for demolition in Christchurch, New Zealand provide fodder for artmaking after a devastating earthquake in 2011 made 16,000 of them unsafe to inhabit. Taking influence from artists like Gordon Matta Clarke (see below), who was doing his site-specific “building cuts” in the 1960s and 1970s, Strange brings this work to a more camera and exhibition-friendly level by hiring construction professionals to selectively remove portions of the facade and bringing a brand name cinematographer as partner to record it with environmental back lighting that causes the family homes to glow from within.

“FINAL ACT is in part an archival documentation of these Christchurch homes and a continuation of the artist’s ongoing exploration into the home and its role, particularly in Western culture, as a social icon.”

Louis Jensen Profiles Ronin Tomoshima in The Mission

The continuation of a series whose Kickstarter we supported called “Spraying Bricks”

Says Jensen, “I originally had no intention of producing a film on Ronin, I was simply picking up some general footage of San Francisco. However, I was inspired by his story so thought it necessary to share. Art is the freedom to express, there are many more creatives in The Mission who are just like Ronin. So if you’re passing through The Mission on your travels, spare a penny or two for the local artists, who each day are making this world a colourful and vibrant home.”



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