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BSA Film Friday: 07.18.14

BSA Film Friday: 07.18.14




Our weekly focus on the moving image and art in the streets. And other oddities.

Now screening :

1. TILIKUM from Michael Beerens
2. Etam Cru “Friends Sale”
3. RE+Public: Austin + Perth + Bringing Murals Alive Digitally
4. Creasing the Onassis from iNO
5. Last Breath IV. in Melbourne
6. Poesia: “Deconstructions”
7. How to Write a Hit Pop Song, Pt. 1

BSA Special Feature: TILIKUM from Michael Beerens

Sometimes the simple stuff catches you off guard – like the sentiment expressed at the very end of this brand new video from mild mannered Frenchman Michael Beerens. The Street Artist and muralist often does a singular creature, better rendered than you’re expecting, and with presence.

Etam Cru “Friends Sale”

Poland’s Etam Cru knock another top rate illustration out for this mural at Memorie Urbane this year. Wish the frame lingered a little longer on the finished piece so you could really savor it before it fades. From The Bind Eye Factory.


RE+Public: Austin + Perth + Bringing Murals Alive Digitally

A digital activation of murals in both Austin, Texas and Perth, Australia reveals some of the ways that augmented reality are beginning to impact your experience of public space.  You hope of course that developments in this technology will be limited primarily to artistic expression and will be free of advertising, but that dream only lasts two seconds as you look at the latest branded “Street Art” mural selling sneakers in your neighborhood. Here we go!


Creasing the Onassis from iNO

Here’s a very respectful mural painted on the Onassis Cultural Centre by Greek artist iNO on the occasion of “No Respect”, an exhibition focused on public contemporary forms of art in Athens. We like the full name of the exhibition ; “(Dis)respectful Creativity: Graffiti & Street Art on Contemporary Society & Urban Spaces”. Dang, wish we were there for that one!


Last Breath IV. in Melbourne

Living in any gentrifying neighborhood in Brooklyn, you eventually fall in love with destruction. The wordsmiths at Last Breath have been doing enough of these exhibitions inside soon-to-be-demolished spaces to have coined it deliciously: “This an attempt to make the most of the final days of a spacious warehouse, now void of any life, before its meaning and beauty are forgotten. We occupied the space and invited artists to celebrate the last days of this soon-forgotten construction. Now, the building and its final beautification will fully perish and on its grounds, yet another materiality will rise.” Have a bite!


Poesia: “Deconstructions”

And for dessert, an opus from Poesia; a backwards-masked undripping of color blocks and shards of spray. The titular head of Graffuturism lets us into his space and it is open for exploration and deconstructing.

How to Write a Hit Pop Song, Pt. 1

Dude just cracked the code on that Jason Derullo hype. I knew there was a formula!

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