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Dispatch From Isolation #4 : A New Mask to Save Thousands

Dispatch From Isolation #4 : A New Mask to Save Thousands

There’s professional disinformation, and then there is simply disingenuous.

This native New Yorker told us Covid-19 was a hoax, and now New York is on its way to being the epicenter for the greatest outbreak, with officials harrowingly planning for 140,000 hospital beds for our neighbors, friends, coworkers, family, with 40,000 of them needing to be in intensive care.

“Probably more than half of all New Yorkers will be infected with this disease,” said Mayor Bill DiBlasio yesterday.

Graffiti writer Terror 161 favors the digital expression of political critique these days, and he shared this simple image with us yesterday. Since we’re not going outside to capture new Street Art for you, we thought we’d share this visual commentary with you.

Unidentified artist

How’s the nations’ supply of duct tape, we wonder. Because we know we don’t have enough ventilators for sick people. Or masks for that matter.

Medicare for All sounds better every day, doesn’t it?

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