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Photos of 2020: #10 : “Do You Understand Yet?”

Photos of 2020: #10 : “Do You Understand Yet?”

Happy Holidays to all BSA readers, your family and dear ones. We’re counting down some of our favorite photos to appear on BSA in 2020 taken by our editor of photography, Jaime Rojo. We wish each person the very best as we look forward to a new year together with you.

In the midst of country-wide demonstrations for racial equity and against historic and systemic police brutality, especially as it pertains to black and brown people, a massive move to the streets New York by street artists was undeniable..

“The shot of the worker sitting taking a moment’s rest with the Colin Kaepernick poster behind him – I had taken my first round of shots around SOHO and began taking photos of the many boarded up store fronts that had “prepared” for anticipated violence and looting during the Black Lives Matter (BLM) marches.

Nick C. Kirk, “Do You Understand Yet?”, photo ©Jaime Rojo
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