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LA II Exhibition in NYC: “ODE 2 NYC”

LA II Exhibition in NYC: “ODE 2 NYC”

Chase Contemporary is announcing an upcoming solo exhibition for renowned graffiti artist Angel Ortiz, also known as LA II/ LA2. Titled “ODE 2 NYC,” the show will feature 30 new canvas works in Ortiz’s vibrant and playful geometric style, which evokes the atmosphere of early 1980s New York.

Silver on Blue (H&T), 2022
Acrylic & Silver marker on canvas
60 x 72 in

Ortiz, a New York City-based, self-taught artist of Puerto Rican descent, is known for his early citywide graffiti projects with his crew TNS (The Non-Stoppers) and for his collaborations with Keith Haring, which took them around the world to participate in numerous gallery installations, fashion shows, and museum exhibitions. Ortiz’s signature style combines contemporary geometric, abstract symbols with influences attributed to hieroglyphics and calligraphy.

Teflon Don, 2023
Acrylic and marker on canvas
36h x 36w in

His signature motif is his street tag LAII/LA2, completed in a dense, nearly overlapping pattern he refers to as “High & Tight”. He weaves it with geometric patterns and animated characters that he created, such as the TV and Spray Can characters.

Ortiz’s contributions to the art world are said to have been overlooked for a long time after Haring’s death, and there has been an effort from some of those closest to him to rewrite his contributions back into the history books. The new exhibition will give him a new platform – a solo exhibition in New York. Word has it that a full-length documentary may be in the works for release next year.

Purrfect, 2023
Acrylic and marker on canvas
24h x 24w in
Hudson, 2023
Acrylic and marker on canvas
24h x 24w in

Chase Contemporary

On View:
May 18 -June 18, 2023

Opening Reception:
Thursday, May 18, 6-8pm

413 West Broadway, New York, NY

Click HERE for further details.

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