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Live Performances at Chashama: “Spool” from infinity

Live Performances at Chashama: “Spool” from infinity

A series of live installations

Street artist Infinity is curating a live “in window” series with a spool of ribbon, staples and scissors.  The show is consisting of five timed movements each day  that take the spool from the floor to the walls and into 3D space.”Spool” features collaborations with Celso, AVOID pi, and Royce Bannon.
It’s a unique concept that will be interesting to see as it progresses from your vantagepoint of the street while the artist challenges the materials to behave in  new ways. Already some of the installations have created patterning and echoes of graffiti, but maybe we are reading too much into it, and probably way too simplistic.

Hearing it directly from the artist- it’s better than “The Making of Thriller”!

Infinity took a break tonight after Day 4 of the installation – Elated, excited, and full of descriptive scientific-philosophical gnostic imaginings. If you catch this dude on a good day, he’ll take you to a magical world of banging hammers and exploding synapses and voltaic currents of life-force.

“Basically this activity (Performance? Sculpture? Installation? Game composition?) is an abstraction, simplification, mutation, of the definition of “drawing,” reducing it to it’s elemental nature, the “line,” and representing it with string so that one can draw in a three dimensional space, crisscrossing and looping through the space like telephone cables, electric wire, like veins, like waves.

“For instance, the first movement is called “Pollock” because we basically are playing with the string on the floor which is reminiscent of Pollock’s drip techniques. The fourth movement, which is about tieing together all the crisscrossing string, is named after Celso because of his interest in knots and an installation he did his summer with fabric woven into a fence. He’ll be doing a duo with me on Friday

“The fifth movemennt is named after David Ellis of the Barnstormers, not Ellis G, who most people seem to think of. Getting to do all these days at the Chashama Space has really been helpful to see what works best.”

“Aside: Transmissions are streaming through us everywhere at all times!!!! You are surrounded and infiltrated!!!!! The tools are no longer pencil and paper but stapler and walls. The five movements are based on the order of actions that one must take to make an interesting i.e. successful “drawing in space”, which actually is the goal, like any other drawing. So since each movement is comprised of a certain set of actions, I named each one after an artist whose signature work is similar to that set, ” says infinity.

These photos below are from end of day today, which was a two day solo piece.

End of today August 18, by infinity

End of today August 18, by infinity

A wild scene in the window at end of today August 18, by infinity

A wild scene in the window at end of today August 18, by infinity

Oh Yeah, don’t forget the schedule

Each daily performance is split between 5 phases

“Spool” Drawings in Space
by infinity

266 W.37th St. NY, NY
Show performances August 13, 14, 17, 19, 20, and 21
Guest “duo” participation 19th: AVOID pi, 20th: Royce Bannon, 22nd: Celso
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