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Knock Out Film Debut from MTO “FL: Unpremeditated Movie”

French Painter and Street Artist MTO has made a great film and we want to share it with you today. It’s a knock-out.

MTO “Go, Go, Denise Go” (photo © courtesy of MTO)

Dude it’s Saturday, put down what you are doing and watch this for an hour. He painted it, filmed it, edited it, and now we want to help him release it because of three things:

  1. It’s not your typical navel gazing video for self aggrandizement or a brand-infused vehicle for moving a product, but rather it is a well told and diplomatically stinging critique of privilege, class, racism, and self delusion that permeates much of the culture. Today. Right now.

  2. The erudite use of black and white photography with freeze frames and languid meditations of open study of skies and suburban car traffic, combined with appropriate selection of music and silence, allows MTO to portray beauty and sadness at once. All tolled it is a shiny rusty sharp knife that cuts both ways, revealing the real violence of people that lies just underneath.

  3. While the story told can be grandly applied, this is a personal conceptual piece (and mystery adventure complete with clues and symbols) that he got caught up in and he decided to use his D.I.Y. skills to tell it his way with the minimum of tools and costs. No commercial conflicts.

Aside from that, as a Street Artist, the black and white photo-realistic rendering with cans, well, judge for yourself.

MTO “Doctor Robin” (photo © courtesy of MTO)

MTO “Mister Hood” (photo © courtesy of MTO)

MTO “FL” (photo © courtesy of MTO)

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Entes Y Pesimo Taking a Swim in Chile, Buenos Aires and Sarasota

Peruvian Street Art duo Entes y Pesimo move quickly like two cats in the back alley when the garbage truck rattles by. When not doing the occasional billboard remix  intervention, they are painting large murals of silent and intense young men and women navigating in the river of life. In many of their recent aerosol paintings, the guys are wading and slogging and afloat in the O2. While the blue lapping waves look inviting and buoyant on the surface, it is unclear what movements are at work in the undercurrent and one is left to contemplate the expressions and positions of the smoothly complex figures.

Entes y Pesimo in Chile. (photo ©

Whatever the symbolic meaning of elements throughout their compositions, and there are many, Entes y Pesimo are clearly strengthening their style and developing a signature aesthetic. This time we catch them trotting around Chile for the Polanco Graffiti Festival, in Buenos Aires, Argentina and in Sarasota, Florida for the Chalk Festival.

Entes y Pesimo in Buenos Aires, Argentina. (photo ©

Entes y Pesimo in Sarasota, Florida. (photo ©

Entes y Pesimo in Sarasota, Florida. (photo ©

Entes y Pesimo in Sarasota, Florida. (photo ©

Entes y Pesimo in Sarasota, Florida. (photo ©

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