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Back Alley Survey of Offerings in La Ciutat Vella, Barcelona

Back Alley Survey of Offerings in La Ciutat Vella, Barcelona

La Ciutat Vella or The Old City is a district in Barcelona also known as the Gothic Quarters. Among many things it is also known as the stomping grounds for the young Pablo Picasso, who attended the Fine Arts school that once stood on Calle Avinyó.

Salamidoggy (photo © Lluís Olive)

Not to mention the impressive Gothic architecture and the first project of Famed Catalan architect Antonio Gaudi. Rambling up La Rambla is a good way to check out the parade of Barceloneons with its long walking avenue and take get great food in El Raval which is 50% populated by immigrants who come from many places including South America, Pakistan, the Phillipines, and Romania. Also, its close to the beach.

For those looking for street art this is also a remarkable point of destination. There are no big walls really but The Old City has plenty of back allies where artists find old rusty doors or windows to put up small pieces of Street Art.

The lengths you have to go to have a cigarette these days. Cane (photo © Lluís Olive)

Figurative, fantastical, surreal, dark pop, illustration techniques are favorites for local artiststs, who use all the compliment of modern Street Art techniques, including stencils, posters, stickers, and wheat pastes.

Our sincere thanks to photographer Lluis Olive who visited this part of the city recently and sends this  dispatch of small offerings to share with BSA readers.

Shark party Homer popsicle LSD vision? Konair . Scifu (photo © Lluís Olive)
Konair . Noriaki (photo © Lluís Olive)
Stew (photo © Lluís Olive)
Amazing framing of the piece! Raf Urban (photo © Lluís Olive)
Raf Urban (photo © Lluís Olive)
Guatemao (photo © Lluís Olive)
Rockaxon (photo © Lluís Olive)
Akore (photo © Lluís Olive)
Fake (photo © Lluís Olive)
Joel Arroyo (photo © Lluís Olive)
Bronik (photo © Lluís Olive)
Bronik (photo © Lluís Olive)
Bronik (photo © Lluís Olive)
Ashwan (photo © Lluís Olive)
Sofresso (photo © Lluís Olive)
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El Raval In Barcelona: A Magnet Of Small Treasures

El Raval In Barcelona: A Magnet Of Small Treasures

Las Ramblas is a good place for rambling foot tours on a Saturday afternoon before reaching the ocean at El Raval. This neighborhood of Barcelona champions the small one-off Street Art piece – the antithesis of the large splashy murals that popular in other cities.

Rice (photo Lluís Olivé Bulbena)

A barrio of narrow streets adorned with mysterious and grandly heavy wooden doors keeps the throngs of tourists at arms length. Windows and balconies with intricately and beautifully crafted iron work create an old world charm and invite smaller thoughtful portraits by Street Artists looking for a setting with character.

Turn the corner and there’s a genteel plaza buzzing with seniors in their golden years sitting on benches or at sidewalks cafes nursing a coffee or a brandy.

Rice (photo Lluís Olivé Bulbena)

Here in these secret niches, doorways, sidewalk level windows, lampposts, and just about any other surface you’ll discover small pieces of Street Art installed illegally. Multi-layered or one color stencils, one-of-kind, hand-painted wheat pastes, sticker multiples, fully realized acrylic portraits and posters; all small works waiting for a small audience.

BSA contributor and Barcelona native Lluís Olivé Bulbena recently took a stroll through the winding streets and found this treasure trove of goodies. Thanks to him and enjoy!

Hopare (photo Lluís Olivé Bulbena)

Guaté Mao (photo Lluís Olivé Bulbena)

Guaté Mao (photo Lluís Olivé Bulbena)

Ecloz (photo Lluís Olivé Bulbena)

Raf Urban (photo Lluís Olivé Bulbena)

Nenao (photo Lluís Olivé Bulbena)

Pat Brazill (photo Lluís Olivé Bulbena)

Ozzy (photo Lluís Olivé Bulbena)

Ozzy . Fatal Fake (photo Lluís Olivé Bulbena)

Fake Banksy (photo Lluís Olivé Bulbena)

Bronik . Utah . Ether. (photo Lluís Olivé Bulbena)

Bronik (photo Lluís Olivé Bulbena)

Cane (photo Lluís Olivé Bulbena)

El Rughi (photo Lluís Olivé Bulbena)

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