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Swoon and 20,000 New Roof Tiles: “Braddock Tiles” Project Takes Off

Swoon and 20,000 New Roof Tiles: “Braddock Tiles” Project Takes Off

We’re all about this project.

Street Artist Swoon and many friends and volunteers are getting this huge community art project in full swing and it is more than just a feel-good project. This impacts people first-hand and builds something that can house a community.


And you can support it right now.

The Braddock Tiles project – designing and making 20,000 tiles to fix this old church and make it into a community center is underway and you can be a part of it.

“As artists who spend our lives attempting to build spaces that induce wonder and bring people joy, we felt we were the right people to work together with friends and neighbors in North Braddock to help invent a new life for the building. Our goal is to reopen this building as a living work of art that is in service to it’s neighborhood. To do this, the first thing we need is a new roof.”

Simple enough! You get great swag too. Everybody is jumping on this — your turn.




Brooklyn-Street-Art-740-6-Swoon-Heliotrop-Braddock-animation-Oct-2015-Stacked-Images  Brooklyn-Street-Art-740-8-Swoon-Heliotrop-Braddock-animation-Oct-2015-Stacked-Images   Brooklyn-Street-Art-740-4-Swoon-Heliotrop-Braddock-animation-Oct-2015-Stacked-Images  Brooklyn-Street-Art-740-5-Swoon-Heliotrop-Braddock-animation-Oct-2015-Stacked-Images Brooklyn-Street-Art-740-1-Swoon-Heliotrop-Braddock-animation-Oct-2015-Stacked-Images


Check out the KICKSTARTER Campaign and Get Amazing Swoon and Braddock Tiles stuff.

Thank you for your support.


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