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Winners of Stikman Calendar Announced

Just wanted to update everybody on the Happy New Year Stikman 2012 Calendar give-away today …

As expected, a.) they went fast and,  b.) people love Stikman.  Congratulations everybody!

Discovering Stikman pieces in NYC is one of my fave things. Even better when I saw them in Chicago! Everyone I introduce them to falls in love with the city all over again.



Dear Stikman,
You are invited to my wedding. You will be the groom.
Elisabeth T.

P.S. I would love to know what day it is


I’d be honored to have one of your calendars. I’ve been tracking your work all over NYC for the last 3-years…

Keep ’em coming!!!!

Scott B.


I love Stikman because I find him in the most unexpected places… like on a bridge in downtown Chicago! (I’m a New Yorker!)
And I he draws on choral hymn music… love.

Amanda D.


Stikman iz gr8 bc he izn’t overwhelming liek “soem” street
artiztz…and no matter where he may be found it’z alwayz juzt enough
2 grab ur attention until the next tiem u turn n find him…for such a
simple dezign he’z so recognizable.
do i win? lol! 0:P

Steven L

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