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Benjamin Girette and Dysturb : 14 From 2014

Benjamin Girette and Dysturb : 14 From 2014

Happy Holidays to all of you charming and sparkling BSA readers!
It’s been a raucous sleigh ride with you and we thank everyone most sincerely for your support and participation this year. A sort of tradition for us at the end of this December we are marking the year with “14 from 2014”. We asked photographers and curators from various perspectives of street culture to share a gem with all of us that means something to them. Join us as we collectively say goodbye and thank you to ’14.
A new Street Art team is hitting cities around the globe this year and they have disturbed some while delighting others. The mostly French collective of photojournalists named DYSTURB are wheat-pasting large reproductions of their photographs on selected streets as a way to bring the news of the world directly to passersby. “We are photojournalists who have taken onto the walls of your city to highlight stories under-covered by mainstream media,” says the group. Today DYSTURB co-director Benjamin Girette, who shot images during the Arab Spring and made a name for himself with his Instagram images of the Kiev uprising, shares with us his favorite shot of the year from the streets of his hometown.

“I took this image this summer on July 19th, 2014 in Paris. It is a demonstration for Gaza that quickly turned in to clashes with the police forces. I have a strong memory of this moment because four of my friends and colleagues were hurt during these protests. They were wounded by angry protesters, not by the police. This is something that is on the rise with many of todays protests – media correspondents are more and more often targeted for doing their work.”

~Benjamin Girette



Paris, France. July 2014. (photo © Benjamin Girette)


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