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BSA Film Friday: 04.22.16

BSA Film Friday: 04.22.16




Our weekly focus on the moving image and art in the streets. And other oddities.

Now screening :

1.La Pintura. Graffiti Documentary. Trailer
2. Saving Banksy: Trailer
3. Spencer Keeton Cunningham and Lauren YS go “Batty”
4.  Wall To Wall: Benalla, Australia


BSA Special Feature: La Pintura. Graffiti Documentary. Trailer

“You cannot totally enslave human nature. We will always thrive.”

“The city probably hates us. I don’t give a fuck about them because they are all as corrupt as shit.”

La Pintura is a newly released graffiti documentary (series) about the motivation, purpose and commitment of Latin and South African graffiti writers, and the context is helpful for understanding the risks that are taken as well as the drive to “get up” repeatedly. This story has been attempted many times – La Pintura looks like an action film driven by storylines and examination of social factors that form the subculture.

Saving Banksy: Trailer

Another Banksy-driven documentary, of which there will probably be enough for a festival before it’s all over. This one focuses on the people who endeavor to take them off the street to sell.


Spencer Keeton Cunningham and Lauren YS go “Batty”

Because, you know, who doesn’t want a Zombie Bat to get wall time? With their colorful personalities and riveting stories? These two Melboune based artists recently did this one and made a video to capture it.


Wall To Wall: Benalla, Australia

A haven for slick murals by commercial painters and illustrators and Street Artists in Benalla, Victoria , Wall To Wall is a successful venture by a mural business to bring new art to the streets and hopefully more commercial work for the artists and organizers. Great choice of the WAR mix at the beginning.

Rest in Peace to our Prince (1958-2016)

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