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BSA Film Friday 04.06.18

BSA Film Friday 04.06.18


Our weekly focus on the moving image and art in the streets. And other oddities.

Now screening :
1. Chip Thomas AKA Jetsonorama new KQED mini-doc
2. Sinclair Says: Multiple Sources for Your News? No.
3. Studio Visit with Mark Dean Veca


BSA Special Feature: Chip Thomas AKA Jetsonorama

He has a hat, sunglasses, and he has been creating huge black and white photo installations of people wheat-pasted to the sides of buildings for how long? Surprising to us that Jetsonorama is not more of a household name in Street Art circles – his work is solidly tied to biography and human rights, uses his own photography, and routinely elevates humanity – and has been doing it for some time now.

Why isn’t he in huge museum exhibitions?

Today we have a new video giving you a good look at the work and the artist along with the genuine connection and presence that he has with community, taking the time to share their stories.


Multiple Sources for Your News? No.

They don’t call it programming for nothing. The reasons Biff and Buffy newsreader don’t seem to have any souls is because that’s not really them talking. Thanks to the 1996 Telecommunications Act signed by Bill Clinton, the majority of TV, radio, magazines, newspapers, news websites, and billboards are now consolidated into the hands of about 6 companies, instead of 36, or 300.

This system seems ripe to put out any message and hit you with it three, five, seven times a day every day from multiple sources – until you think that the message must be the voice of the people. Imagine what they can convince you of.

When they say “deregulate” often what they really mean is “we regulate”. Moments of truth like this video only pop their heads up out of the foxhole once in a while – then disappear in a fog.

Juxtapox Magazine x Chop’em Down Films: Studio Visit with Mark Dean Veca

A quick visit to Mark Dean Veca and boom we out.


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