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BSA Film Friday 08.19.22

BSA Film Friday 08.19.22

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Our weekly focus on the moving image and art in the streets. And other oddities.

Now screening:
1. Black Power in Hair: Babybangz
2. Hair on Fire – Emergency on Planet Earth
3. Land Graffiti or Grass Graffiti? Why Split Hairs? Saype via
4. When Hair Bands Wandered the Earth – “Hot for Teacher” – Mutoid Man

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BSA Special Feature: Black Power in Hair: Babybangz

“In a documentary by Juliana Kasumu, a group of Black women gathers at Babybangz salon to discuss natural hair, the impact of gentrification in New Orleans, and their personal journeys toward self-love.”

All bow to the power of hair.

Black Power in Hair: Babybangz

Emergency on Planet Earth

A new exhibition featuring artist from the graffiti/street art spheres is drawing attention to the fragile moment humans are in as we are reaping the harvest of years of abusing the Earth.  The show presents 12 different spaces in situ to address different environmental issues of our day. This is a time of emergency on Planet Earth.

Saype Documentary via

Hot for Teacher – Mutoid Man

It’s about time for Back-To-School shopping! It’s also time for bad attitude and unrequited misdirected hormones for your teacher, courtesy of heavy metal. Check out Gina Gleason on guitar!

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