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Downtown Miami for the KOOL KIDS : Juxtapoz Clubhouse 2017

Downtown Miami for the KOOL KIDS : Juxtapoz Clubhouse 2017

Ahhhhh the sun! The sea! The cigarette butt stuck to my leg from last night.

Also, did I wear ONLY this swimsuit and shoes, or did I originally go out with more clothes?

Anyway this is Miami and the annual mural-street art-graffiti-gallery show-art fair-melee is afoot. Wherever you go in Wynwood you are bound to find Instagrammable moments and pretty things pontificating about this or that, but if you want to see good stuff we’re suggesting this year that downtown is the next Wynwood, beginning with the historic Walgreens Building on 200 East Flager Street. Its second iteration, the Juxtapoz Clubhouse feels more like an organically spawned environment; cognizant of the many tributaries from where this art scene evolved, with room for free thought, experimentation, and growth.

Take a trip to another part of Miami this year and see JUX’s many assorted exhibitions and exhibitionists. Here’s a few of the hits we hope you hit.

Juxtapoz Clubhouse Miami 2017

Juxtapoz Magazine is taking over a 3-story department store with art installations, activations, murals, and site-specific projects, featuring works by Conor Harrington, Jean Jullien, Faith XLVII with Inka Kendzia, Ron English, Laurence Vallières, Serge Lowrider, Low Bros, Zane Meyer, Jillian Evelyn, Alex Yanes.

Juxtapoz will also be releasing their new Quarterly edition at the Clubhouse along with editions of Shepard Fairey’s “The Damage Times” newspaper, created in conjunction with his Damaged solo show.

Juxtapoz is also showcasing projects from Jonathan LeVine Projects, Thinkspace, Corey Helford Gallery, Think Tank, Athen B Gallery, Good Mother Gallery, Superchief Gallery, First Amendment, Station 16 Gallery and Urban Nation.

Juxtapoz will also once again team up with Mana Contemporary on a special mural by Conor Harrington and a-soon-to-be revealed skate park project – remember the massive skate park with Mana and Andrew Schoultz in the Wynwood neighborhood.

Historic Walgreens Building
200 East Flager Street

December 7 – 10, 2017
Opening Reception: December 6, 4 – 9 pm


From 7th to 10th of December URBAN NATION is part of the Juxtapoz Magazine CLUBHOUSE project @downtown Miami with Mimi Scholz Arts, #MateusBailon, Insane 51 and Nuno Viegas


Prefab77 “Goddess & Groupies1”

Jonathan LeVine Gallery is pleased to present a group exhibition at the Juxtapoz Clubhouse featuring the following artists:

Adam WallacavageDavid Choong LeeHandiendan, Jeremy FishJim Salvati, Jim WoodringJoão RuasJosh TiessenJulia IbbiniKevin CyrKip OmoladePrefab77Radosław Liweń and Ronald Gonzalez.

OLEK “Playpen” With Corey Helford Gallery

Los Angeles-based Corey Helford Gallery is showing new stuff by OLEK as part of the Juxtapoz Clubhouse. Olek says “Playpen” is a witty and flirtatious series featuring three new sculptures and an impressive 20-foot installation of an 8-legged “Spider Woman,” adorned with motifs like eyes, lips, hearts and flowers.

Look out for sculptures that represent various fantasy objects — a “Cat Snail” playset, a classical-shaped “Woman Bust” and a potted “Cock Plant” — all of which come to life under the glow of black light. Initially inspired by her own play experience as a young girl, OLEK uses this series to explore concepts of womanhood, sexuality, and feminist ideals.


A collection of works by San Francisco based First Amendment gallery artists will be on the third floor, including:

Andrew Antonaccio
Ellen Rutt
Francesco Lo Castro
Hell’O Collective
Lena Gustafson
Mando Marie
Scott Albrecht


Jaune (photo © Jaime Rojo)

Thinkspace is 2 for 2 here at the Clubhouse during Art Basel week in Miami with James Bullough and Jaune on site leaving their unmistakable marks.


A collection of works and installations by Athen B. artists will include
Brett Flanigan
Cannon Dill
Heather Day
Jet Martinez
Kate Klingbeil
Laura Berger
Maxwell McMaster
Meryl Pataky
Muzae Sesay
Nicolas Romero
Nicomi Nix Turner
Troy Lovegates
Woodrow White
Zio Ziegler


Superchief will feature works by Parker Day, Don Pablo Pedro, UFO 907, Yu Maeda, and Reginald Pean and will be screening Wastedland 2 on Thursday December 7th at 7pm. See our interview with the director here.



Good Mother will feature Egle Zvirblyte & Jose Mendez


Laurence Valliérs. Detail. (photo © Jaime Rojo)

Station 16 will be featuring a new installation by Laurence Vallières

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OverUnder: “My Sentiments Abstractly” Opens in Oakland

OverUnder: “My Sentiments Abstractly” Opens in Oakland

A mark.

That is all most of us can hope to make on the world, or even to get through it. The Celebrity Industrial Complex that is busily distracting us also routinely overlooks masses of beautiful people who are daily just trying to pay the rent, tend to their ill, worship their deity, grow their garden, pen their poem, make their mark.


Overunder. Process shot. (photo © Brock Brake)

“My Sentiments Abstractly” says the title of OverUnder’s solo show opening tonight in Oakland, California, continues the fine/Street Art/graffiti artists’ examination of his mark making, and . Feeling mortal, OverUnder is taking a wider view of the path with this collection of recent wheatpastes, painting, photography, mixed media and site-specific installation.

As he constructed the visitors experience this week to prepare for tonights’ show, OverUnder says he is bringing the grit, the weeds, the marginal stories of people he has met and places he has visited – like weeds growing through the cracks; insistent, imperfect, perfectly full of life.  Only a romantic can find beauty in places like these, and he does.


Overunder. Process shot. (photo © Brock Brake)


Overunder. Process shot. (photo © Brock Brake)


Overunder. Process shot. (photo © Brock Brake)


Overunder. Process shot. (photo © Brock Brake)


Overunder. Process shot. (photo © Brock Brake)


Overunder. Process shot. (photo © Brock Brake)


Overunder. Process shot. (photo © Brock Brake)


Overunder. Process shot. (photo © Brock Brake)


Overunder. Process shot. (photo © Brock Brake)


Overunder solo exhibition “My Sentiments Abstractly” opens today at the Athen B. Gallery in Oakland, CA. Click HERE for details.



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Oakland Murals from Zio Ziegler, Meggs, Ryan Montana and Ernest Doty

Oakland Murals from Zio Ziegler, Meggs, Ryan Montana and Ernest Doty

Athens seems like its on the brink of disaster but Athen B is having amazing success. With apologies for the lame name comparison today we bring you shots of new grand scale murals in Oakland done as part of the grand opening of Athen B Gallery with Zio Ziegler, Meggs, Ryan Montana and Ernest Doty.


Zio Ziegler (photo © Brock Brake)

Ziegler’s 13 story mural actually was part of ceremonies marking the UN’s 70th Anniversary and a ribbon cutting with Mayor Libby Schaaff the President and CEO of the United Nations Foundation Kathy Calvin. This mural and the others are part of an initiative with VSCO Artist Initiative that Athen B. Gallery is curating in Oakland and upcoming artists will include Cannon Dill and Brett Flanigan.

Conratulations to Athen B’s three co-owners Brock Brake, Sorell Raino-Tsui, and Kriselle.


Zio Ziegler (photo © Brock Brake)


Zio Ziegler (photo © Brock Brake)


Zio Ziegler (photo © Brock Brake)


Meggs (photo © Brock Brake)


Meggs (photo © Brock Brake)


Meggs (photo © Brock Brake)


Meggs (photo © Brock Brake)


Meggs (photo © Brock Brake)


Ryan Montoya . Ernest Doty (photo © Brock Brake)


Ryan Montoya . Ernest Doty (photo © Brock Brake)


Ryan Montoya . Ernest Doty (photo © Brock Brake)


Ryan Montoya . Ernest Doty (photo © Brock Brake)


Click HERE for more details, hours of operations and exhibitions regarding Athen B Gallery

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