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BSA Film Friday: 11.15.13 – Exclusive Premiere David Choe / Aryz

BSA Film Friday: 11.15.13 – Exclusive Premiere David Choe / Aryz



Our weekly focus on the moving image and art in the streets. And other oddities.

Now screening:

1. David Choe/Aryz PREMIERE on BSA: Medvin Sobio’s “L. A. Nights”
2. Niels “Shoe” Meulman Calligraffit
3. Tom Herck aka Atek84 2012-2013
4. The End Of The Line Pt 2; NYC Train Lines by Janosch Delcker.
5. NUART 2013: Showtime
6. M-City in Norway. Time lapse.
7. Alex Yanes: Woven Into Me

BSA Special Feature:

Medvin Sobio’s “L. A. Nights”

Director-film maker Medvin Sobio takes another unconventional spin on the now somewhat conventional mural-painting subgenre by playing with time signatures, hitting straight up wrong angles, and stirring in a thick sinuous sucrose veneer that makes us begin asking existential questions by the time the droll closing credits roll by.

It’s all here directly from the perfectly banal and brutal life on the street, with little clusters of gadflies and homies swimming around sort of drunkly – aided by a soundtrack heavy with Spanish-language 45s that were left sitting on the radiator. Just as you get the groove, prepare for Sobio to switch it, and for David Choe to glide by the screen like a ninja/Vader/suburban lawncare specialist from San Antonio with leaf blower in hand. The new film captures just a little bit of the LA street insanity of summer where almost everyone is baked — and its debut is here for BSA readers today exclusively.



Niels “Shoe” Meulman: Arts In The Streets

Shot and edited by Colin M. Day

“I guess it all started with me as a little kid being into looking at signs and letters,” says Niels in an understated way as he traces his evolution into an amalgam of graffiti and calligraphy that he has fashioned. Follow him as he narrates through the studio environment into a number of venues, all the while rhythmically marking walls, floors, cars with his signature U and N characters.

Tom Herck aka Atek84 Video Compilation 2012-2013

A sizzle reel of sorts by artist Tom Herck that hits upon his tangling with the meaning of selling ideas and beliefs and the paranoiac behaviors bred by surveillance. At least, that’s what we think. Guy has some good ideas and a knack for dramatic symbols, but some may be jarring – like the burning cross at the beginning, for example.


The End Of The Line Pt 2; NYC Train Lines by Janosch Delcker.

Journalist and documentary filmmaker Jonosch Delker offers the companion piece to his “End of the Line” film that explored the final stops on the train lines in Berlin two years ago; Today he brings us the final stations of the NYC subway system.  He likes to say they are “non-places” because tourists rarely see them but just the glimpses of human interaction that he captures tell you that these are full of life and possess an urban poetry of their own. It’s true, a rare tourist will ever see these termination stations, as the major hubs of visitor activity are smack in the middle of many train lines. An adventurous or dozing visitor can find these places, though most probably won’t.  With his choice of Moby to accompany you on your trip to the ends of the lines, you won’t need to do it either – but you may be encouraged to.


NUART 2013: Showtime

Time for a victory lap on the 2013 installment of Nuart.


M-City in Norway. Time lapse.

Quietly he works. M-City in Norway.


Alex Yanes: Woven Into Me

 “Every artist that I ever met that is successful has paid dues,” says visual artist Alex Yanes in this tight video shot and edited by Duffy Higgins that traces the process Yanes followed to create and mount his first New York show – a show we caught at Low Brow Artique for its opening.  It captures the energy and enthusiasm of the artist who had some trepidation about bringing his Miami style to Bushwick and the ready to rumble every day life of New York.

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BSA Film Friday: 07.05.13


Our weekly focus on the moving image and art in the streets. And other oddities.

Now screening: ATEK84 Transforms Fast Food Joint into Church of TV, XAM and the Urban Habitat Project, KLUB7 painting Strangeways, Element Three making of “Wolf”, and Articulate Baltimore by Stefan Ways.

BSA Special Feature:
ATEK84 Transforms Fast Food Joint into Church of TV

Street Artist Atek84 wins the award for best concept by staging this full immersion public installation/renovation of a junk food joint into a church where junk television is worshipped 24/7. He says it is a “modern church” where the philosophy that TV is the new god. Over the period of months he slowly transformed the property in his hometown in Belgium into a high profile critique of the power of the almighty television on the perceptions and behaviors of society – especially the degrading effect that junk television has on our minds and spirits. To drive home his message of the omnipotence of the big screen, he created an installation on a wall about 9 meters high with a real working flatscreen TV on it, playing day and night.

XAM – Urban Habitat Project

A new video follows Street Artist XAM through his process for imagining, creating, and installing his new campaign of homes for birds in Lower Manhattan.

KLUB7 painting Strangeways:

A minimalist modern monochromatic sketch on shape, texture, and touch from KLUB7 as they paint clear glass and the camera plays with light, shadow, and environmental factors. It’s far more visually stimulating to watch than for us to describe.

Element Three: No Mercy In The Heart Of A Wolf

Return with us now to the joys of the neighborhood wall. This New Jersey crew suffered some dissing of their previous piece that featured the bare breasts of a woman in it’s metaphorical representation and despite numerous repairs to their work, ultimately had to abandon the composition because of one dork in the neighborhood who kept protesting the horrible breasts. From the ashes of their collective disappointment, the team decided to use it as inspiration to created something else and come back and wreck the wall. This video is a record of the creation of the new piece “No Mercy in the Heart of a Wolf”.

Language alert – the first musical accompaniment contains vulgarity that may offend some of the kiddies.


Articulate Baltimore by Stefan Ways

A thoughtful retracing of certain elements and textural emotions in the making of murals for Articulate Baltimore, a district improvement mural program that featured the work of peeps like Pixel Pancho and locals Billy Mode and his homeboy Chris Stain, and of course head of the ship Stefan Ways, among others.  Articulate Baltimore is also co-founded by Jesse James.


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