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Cool Brief Interview with Henry Chalfant

Back before it evolved into “street art” there was only graffiti, loosely defined by it’s most often used tool and the act of writing your name –

and as you know, many people thought ill of it and demonized writers and the destruction of property.

On their book tours and events to promote the 25th Anniversary Edition of “Subway Art”, Henry Chalfant and Martha Cooper make the case that while the kids who sprayed paint on subway cars were regarded as hoodlums, many none-the-less continued to develop their craft in a constructive way and became well-respected artists after their youthful years.

In a radio interview recently with Lionel on Air America, Chalfant says, “Rather than an entry-level crime it is a path to a career.”

A Big Career Step. "Subway Art" by Martha Cooper and Henry Chalfant

A Big Career Step.

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