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Logan Hicks + Broken Crow = “Broken Horse” at 498 Court Street

Renowned stencil artist Logan Hicks will be teaming up with the two-man painting team known as Broken Crow for the Broken Horse exhibit running May 1 – 3 at the former Hamilton Savings and Loan Bank in Brooklyn, NY (498 Court Street, Brooklyn, NY 11231).

The Artwork of Broken Crow and Logan Hicks  

BROKEN HORSE will run May 1st to May 3rd  
Opening: Friday, May 1st 7-11pm  
Hours: May 2-3 12pm to 6pm 

Broken Crow, the two-man painting team, and Logan Hicks (Workhorse) are proud to announce the ‘The Broken Horse’ show. This 3-day event will mark the first offcial show in New York for all three of the internationally acclaimed artists.  Taking the current economic state head on, the show will be hosted at the former Hamilton Savings and Loan Bank at 498 Court Street, Brooklyn, NY, in Carroll Gardens.  

Although it appears to be simply a mix of the artists’ monikers (Broken Crow and Workhorse), the show’s title ‘The Broken Horse’ rejects the dualism of each artist’s work. Using this platform, the artists tackle the subject of living beings in their environment. Perhaps the Broken Horse is one whose spirit has been ‘broken’ – reared for servitude; maybe it refers to a busted horse, one that is damaged and no longer of use.  This dualism leaves the title, and each artist’s respective work, open to interpretation: productive versus ruined, urban landscape or wildlife, ominous against auspicious.   

Logan Hicks’ work often showcases the sprawling inhabitants of the city juxtapozed against the stark, grey environment in which they live. In many of his pieces, people wind through the streets, walk between cars, and pour out of buildings. It is as though the flow of people within the street mirrors the movement of water in a stream snaking around rocks, trees, and obstacles. The focal point of Logan’s work rests within the rhythmical pattern of crowds in the metropolitan environment.

By contrast, the central theme of Broken Crow’s artwork is the solo animal in nature. The work elevates the status of nature and showcases the importance of life outside the city. Often, the subject matter of Broken Crow’s pieces are animals menacingly staring down on the viewer. With murals larger in size than real life, these animals hover over the viewer in wait, observing and plotting.   


John Grider
John Grider is a stencil artist and muralist from Minneapolis, Minnesota.

In 2008, he painted walls in Paris, London, Duluth, Milwaukee, Minneapolis and Brooklyn, took part in exhibitions across Europe, was published in books from France and Greece, painted inside of a sky scraper, retired all of his stencils, and got deported from England.   

As part of the two-man team known as Broken Crow, they have sought out to quadruple-handedly paint the largest stencils known to man- and womankind.  They are rumored to hold the unoffcial record for cutting the world’s largest stencil.   

Mike Fitzsimmons
Mike Fitzsimmons is a muralist/painter, and the platonic other half of the world-renowned duo known as Broken Crow.

He was classically trained in sculpture and painting at Illinois State University and has been cutting his own hair for a whopping fourteen years.   

He cites his influences as everything from mid-nineties West Coast gangster rap, home remodeling and repair, music, cooking dinner with his wife, and long road trips.

He currently resides in St. Paul, Minnesota.  


Logan Hicks 
Logan Hicks is a stencil artist who has been stenciling his way around the world for the past 10 years. Known for his meticulious multi-layered stencils, his work captures the sensory overload with which a city can inundate a person.

With shows in nearly 30 countries and showing no signs of slowing down, Logan has brought his artwork to cities as far away as Cape Town, South Africa and Shanghai, China.   

Logan is from Baltimore, Maryland, but currently lives in New York City.  Citing New York as the ‘city of all cities’, Logan can often be found wandering the subway system at 4 in the morning taking pictures for his artwork or simply observing the army of people coursing through the tunnels like blood through a body’s veins and arteries.   

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