“Supreme Injustices” Artist Robbie Conal Skewers SCOTUS in New Poster

Welcome to August, when the state of Idaho is scheduled to have a near-total abortion ban in place by the 25th. Going into effect just two months after the Supreme Court reversed itself on the right to abortion nationwide, Idaho is just one of many states taking such action.

Robie Conal. Supreme Injustices, 2022. (photo © courtesy of the artist)

The fight in the courts has people talking in the streets as well, and artists are there to articulate sentiments in a visual way. Los Angeles-based guerilla artist, street artist, activist, illustrator, and author Robie Conal produced a new poster that casts a rather unflattering light on US Supreme Court members.

As is his practice, Conal printed hundreds of his new posters and wheat-pasted them on the streets of Los Angeles, completing an age-old tradition of artists skewering the powerful with a pen, paintbrush, and ink. In Conal’s case, it’s not the first time the Court has received his aesthetic overview.

Robie Conal. Freedom From Choice, 1992. (photo © courtesy of the artist)