15 Wishes From BSA To You: Wish No. 10: More Plastic-Free Days

We’re finishing the decade and we’re completing the year. More importantly, you are still here. And so is our holiday tradition of BSA wishes for the new year.

Certainly there is much work to be done, and we believe that art and the creative spirit can heal our people, our cities, our nations, our planet. May we all look toward 2020 with a clear vision.

At BSA our hearts are full and our minds are untroubled as we look confidently toward these new days- with hopes and wishes for the New Year – and a daily image that inspired us in 2019.


More Plastic-Free Days

This is not a stylized Christmas tree, but you could be forgiven for thinking so. This is one Brooklyn tree choked with yellow caution tape that was blowing around in the air during one particularly windy day. It’s funny to see it, and then maybe it is not so funny anymore.

2019 seems like the year we saw news of countless animals washing up on beaches with bellies full of plastic, and reports of minute parts of plastic ingested and floating inside all of us – micro plastics. We collectively began to realize that our laws aren’t working to force companies to stop making stuff with plastic or to force us to stop using it.

Next year, let make sure we figure out how to have more plastic-free days. Sounds good right? At the least it can help draw our attention to how much we’re using. In the future your next gen kids are going to ask “knowing what you knew, what did you do?”

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