15 Wishes From BSA For 2020. No. 9: A Good Storm to Stir You

We’re finishing the decade and we’re completing the year. More importantly, you are still here. And so is our holiday tradition of BSA wishes for the new year.

Certainly there is much work to be done, and we believe that art and the creative spirit can heal our people, our cities, our nations, our planet. May we all look toward 2020 with a clear vision.

At BSA our hearts are full and our minds are untroubled as we look confidently toward these new days- with hopes and wishes for the New Year – and a daily image that inspired us in 2019.


A Good Storm to Stir You

Photo 2019 ©Jaime Rojo

New Yorkers clamor for walk in Central Park, especially during a snow storm. Perhaps because it is calming, perhaps because it is aesthetically sensorially full of wonder. We dive right into the middle of a snowstorm because it stirs your interior world in equal measure to the outside one, uprooting and tossing your senses, blowing winds through your head, temporarily blinding you while regaling you with its every moving show. In a way, the storm makes you dig inside to reestablish your own sense of equilibrium. 

For fans of Christmas, this is a scene of a white one in New York, because obviously we love storms.  Let it snow let it snow let it snow!