Pop Up “Trump Cemetery” Marks Death of Ideas on 1st Anniversary of Inauguration by INDECLINE Artist Collective

The death of ideas, not people.

“Here Lies The American Dream”, reads the freshly planted headstone.

”Give us your tired, out of shape, white, upper-class, entitled few…and build a wall around their daddy’s fortunes,” reads the inscription.

“Grave New World” installation by INDECLINE artist collective (image © INDECLINE)

The solemn scene of six new fake tombstones and plastic flower arrangements was installed just last night at Trump Cemetery to commemorate the 1st anniversary of the inauguration, says the anonymous Street Art collective named INDECLINE.

Since the government officially shut down at midnight last night, this 20th day of January has the additional ignominy of being the first day of the so-called “Trump Shutdown”. Meanwhile millions of women are currently marching in the streets in cities across the country. In many ways this is a cemetery for the death of ideas, rather than people.

So INDECLINE picked a swell morning to debut their long-planned and complicated site-specific installation at this golf-course in New Jersey.

“INDECLINE felt is necessary to commemorate some of the victims,” they say. “The dates on the headstones correspond to some of the highlights of Trump’s first year in office.” You may remember some of these milestones on the tombstones, you may have to Google others.

The saddest death for us all year has been the civility and respect of Americans toward one another – as those hard working families who are just scraping by are being skillfully manipulated through sophisticated PR / media campaigns into thinking that they are the only real uber-patriots and to hate the wrong people. Most importantly they are fighting and voting against themselves without realizing it.

“Grave New World” installation by INDECLINE artist collective (image © INDECLINE)

Similarly those with a bit more cash have been skillfully manipulated into thinking that they are better and more smart and sophisticated than those who voted for Trump. This class-fueled rift is playing everyone, bro – with the vast majority of us being tricked into fighting against each other while our social net is being cut into pieces behind our backs/in front of our faces.

With all this death, in the face of all this grief, let’s commit ourselves to creating a new civic life with each other. Forget the false labels, come together. Can we?

“Grave New World” installation by INDECLINE artist collective (image © INDECLINE)

Hard to say what the country-club-cheeseburger-chomping-Twitter-rager-in-chief would say about the powerfully sad cemetery scene created and installed by the anonymous INDECLINE, but he’s not even the point. His wealth is assured.

As an artists’ collective this crew get props for pulling off such compelling art-activism – not to mention the highly professional, almost slick, documentation, presentation, and campaign-style dissemination of their message.

“For years Trump has been trying to wade through the red tape to build a cemetery on his golf course property in Bedminster, with the idea of eventually being interred there. His plans were finally approved by local officials and the INDECLINE collective thought it would be appropriate to help him break ground,” says their press release in the understated dark wit we have come to expect.

“Grave New World” installation by INDECLINE artist collective (image © INDECLINE)

“Grave New World” installation by INDECLINE artist collective (image © INDECLINE)

“Grave New World” installation by INDECLINE artist collective (image © INDECLINE)

“The night before the one year anniversary of President Trump’s inauguration, multiple members of the anonymous activist collective INDECLINE, trespassed and covertly installed 6 tombstones and a large ‘Trump Cemetery’ arch at the site of one of the controversial cemetery plots on the Trump National Golf Club in Bedminster, New Jersey.”

Link to Washington Post article on the mysterious Trump cemetery HERE.