Merry Christmas! Feliz Natal! Boas Festas! from Your Friends at BSA

To you and yours we wish a very Merry Christmas and Boas Festas from Lisbon from your friends at BSA.

Yesterday Bordalo II treated us all to a brand new piece on the street with his interpretation of the symbol that is old as the pagan Solstice rituals that bring light to long winter nights. Here the prolific son of Lisbon gifted his hometown with a Christmas Tree to celebrate what he calls “Trashy Christmas” – A tree that is like most of his art on the street, made entirely of trash.

At the edge of a large park by a popular farmer market in a neighborhood populated with hard working immigrants in the outskirts of Lisbon this tree rises from the sidewalk, made of recycled discarded consumer products. Bordalo II is obviously in a festive mood – and probably intended to highlight our holiday habits of buying and discarding stuff, a pleasant way to remind us that we are shepherds of the earth and natural resources. Its a good reminder that holidays are not about stuff, they are about family and friends and beautiful traditions.

Merry Christmas y’all, with love from your friends at BSA.

Thanks to a partnership with Berlin’s Urban Nation Museum for Urban Contemporary Art (UN) we are here this week to survey the current Street Art and graffiti scene in this port city with a rich history and a quickly evolving urban contemporary arts scene.