BSA Film Friday 09.08.17: Artists of “No Limit”


Our weekly focus on the moving image and art in the streets. This week we feature some of the artists whose work we are seeing here in Sweden for the “No Limit” festival. It’s a good way to learn more about the artist and their work.

Now screening :
1. Lakwena Maciver
2. LONAC at Upfest
3. Nespoon
5. Fintan Magee

Lakwena Maciver

This brief interview that the London-based designer gave to Design Indaba that gives you an idea of her graphic aesthetic that references her African roots and her appreciation for text and the written word.


LONAC at Upfest

A keen insight into the style of working and finesse of the fine details that distinguishes the smooth execution of LONAC from a piece he did in Bristol at Upfest. Director Silvio Lončarić captures the mood and color of the street scene over the course of the installation and pairs it with a beauty: Ella Fitzgerald – T’Ain’t What You Do (It’s The Way You Do It)



This video of Nespoon in São Miguel gives you an insight into the intuitive nature of her creative process, in touch with her surroundings, the physicality of materials, and the rhythms of life.


“I usually choose my locations by how new or old they are,” he says. The artist talks about color fields, the repetitive nature of creating elaborate installations in public space.


Fintan Magee

It’s good to hear Fintan make the connection between the illegal graffiti/Street Art culture and the mural practice – hopefully as a way of reminding people where this whole thing evolved from.