BSA Film Friday: 05.26.17


Our weekly focus on the moving image and art in the streets. And other oddities.

Now screening :
1. Nuart Aberdeen 2017 – The Movie.
2. Edjinn for 12 + 1 Project in Barcelona
3. Trump Meets the Pope on the Street
4. Dale Grimshaw at Memorie Urbane 2017
5. “The Brainwashing of My Dad.”


BSA Special Feature: Nuart Aberdeen 2017: The Movie.

Not to be confused with Nuart Aberdeen 2017: The Board Game, or Nuart Aberdeen 2017: The Cheese, or Nuart Aberdeen 2017: The Stuffed Baby Panda.

Herewith is The Movie, courtesy of director Doug Gillen at Fifth Wall TV and the team at Nuart Aberdeen. This mini-movie gives you a greater context to see the festival in during a cold spring week in this northern seaside town in Scotland where Street Art and murals are something brand new to many – an opportunity to experience public space in a communal way, or an individual one. Nevermind the bigger questions, enjoy the sense of discovery here. You can see how Doug is using his arsenal of sound and visual tools to weave scenes together and tell his own particular story here, and it is quite a nice bit of poetry. Hope you enjoy!


Edjinn for 12 + 1 Project in Barcelona

A few weeks ago we featured this little wall in a piece called “Grandpa Gives Thumbs Down”.

Now we get to see how it was made!

Trump Meets the Pope in the Street

The street continues to lambast Trump at every turn, including here in anticipation of his visit this week with the Pope here in Rome. Claimed by a Street Artist named TVBoy his name is reported as Salvatore Benintende. Regarding the actual visit, the Pope looked like he had some indigestion during the event.

Dale Grimshaw at Memorie Urbane 2017

Couldn’t be fresher! This piece was just finished this week at part of the Memorie Urbane 2017 festival by artist Dale Grimshaw.


What Happened to Dad?

Not related to Street Art, but have you heard of propaganda? For anyone who cares to see it, the media is a tool of war, and US citizens have have been under attack. This trailer caught our eye this week – its about what America is looking like after 30 years of gradual continuous assault on our minds. We are being taught to hate and distrust one another, but we actually don’t.  And it is not stopping. “The Brainwashing of My Dad.”

THE BRAINWASHING OF MY DAD – Trailer from Jen Senko on Vimeo.