BSA Film Friday: 03.24.17 – Hong Kong Edition


Our weekly focus on the moving image and art in the streets. And other oddities.

This week BSA and Urban Nation (UN) are in Hong Kong checking out flavors and practices on a true international scene. Street Art and graffitti too Euro-centric for you? No worries, Asia has a growing, shape-shifting series of scenes of their own, not easy to categorize and very alive.

Now screening :
1. Graffiti Asia
2. BSA Right now at HKwalls2017
3. UTAH & ETHER – Hong Kong
4. M.I.A. – Rewear It


BSA Special Feature: Graffiti Asia

Hong Kong, Shenzen, Shanghai represent!

Let’s make some noise for Indonesia, Thailand, Malayasia, South Korea, Singapore, Taiwan! Phillipines in da house! Jakarta where you at?

Here is your inside trip around some of the most popular graffiti locations, words of some of the emerging and established artists, a good selection of the attitudes and incidental atmospheric sounds and details that are evocative of life and the street scene in each.

The mini-documentary dates back a handful of years yet remains completely relevant and accessible – possibly because it does not rely heavily on spoken word, allowing you to gain a sense of the practice through other means. Clearly the international style is evolving, local flavor is always king, and you can see how Graffiti Asia changes the game.

HKwalls has a nice selection of videos looping on a wall inside their main event space that highlights a variety of aspects of current street culture. We feature this one because it keeps the focus on the people who are organically preparing the creative soil for what comes next.

BSA Right Now at HKwalls2017

No need to wait for the fancy video team here to cut together all the best shots – Jaime’s got his phone, yo. 60 seconds of right now at HKwalls.

Featuring still-wet and fumey pieces from Alphabet Monsters (Amuse and Merlot), Spok Brillor, Dilk, Mauy, and Tuts.

UTAH & ETHER – Hong Kong

The Grifters invariably take the thrill level ten times higher toward hair raising painting adventure with UTAH & Ether.

UTAH & ETHER – PROBATION VACATION: LOST IN ASIA (Episode 10 – Hong Kong) from The Grifters on Vimeo.

M.I.A. – Rewear It

And let’s get up and dance. It’s Friday !

HKWalls and Hong Kong stories come to you courtesy BSA in Partnership with Urban Nation (UN)

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