Bamboo Renewal : SWOON & Team Designing New Homes in Haiti

Street Artist Swoon is as bold and activist as ever, putting her words into action, making positive change.

As ever, BSA is right behind her.


After nearly 7 years working with people in Haiti to study and devise new forms of sustainable architecture that can be eventually templated and replicated, Swoon and team are returning after the most recent hurricane to build using bamboo.

If this house goes well, more can be planned.


Please have a look at the project and if you can donate to help make it happen, you are a superstar! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts and on the behalf of Swoon, the dedicated professionals, artists, artisans, workers and citizens of Haiti who benefit from your generosity.

Please click HERE to see the project’s Kickstarter page and consider pledging a small or large amount to support the good work these folks are doing.


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Bamboo Renewal : Designing a modern bamboo home in Haiti

Together with a village in rural Haiti, we will design and build a home that brings an ancient building material into the present.

PLEASE DONATE to this project. Thank you very much!