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1. Detroit Quick Shots – Yok & Sheryo, Swoon, Heidleberg Project
2. HERAKUT -> Im heutigen Videoupdate von der Magic City




BSA Special Feature: Detroit Quick Shots

As you know we in town for Murals in the Market and are riding around Detroit’s attractive and less attractive and bombed-out portions to get a feel of the place. Once in a while Jaime remembers that he wants to try out his phone video editing chops and captures something to share.

Here’s the blinking Yok & Sheryo sign at their opening with 1xRun at the headquarters.

Here’s Swoon at the Detroit Institute of Art (DIA) preparing the installation of her Thalassa piece, the reception for which is Saturday night.

And this is short tour through some of the installation aspects of the 30-year art project by Tyree Guyton, founder and artistic director of The Heidelberg Project .  Following that is a short documentary so you can understand a little more about the project and it’s importance and relevance of so-called “environmental” public art exhibition.

HERAKUT -> Im heutigen Videoupdate von der Magic City Kreativphase trifft Andreas auf das Street Art Kollektiv HERAKUT

The Magic City exhibition, curated by Carlo McCormick and Ethel Seno in Dresden, Germany is currently a beehive of installation by arriving artists. We’ve curated the film exhibition portion, The BSA Film Program, and our director of photography Jaime Rojo is one of the featured artists. Check out the Magic City channel on YouTube to see the full compliment of interviews like this one with Herakut.