BSA Film Friday: 05.06.16




Our weekly focus on the moving image and art in the streets. And other oddities.

Now screening :

1. “Endangered 13″ in London
2. Farewell: I Have A Dream
3. Ronzo: All Good In The Wood
4. Carole Feuerman: “Where would I be without art?…I’d be lost”


BSA Special Feature: Endangered 13

You may have seen our postings on BSA and The Huffington Post a few weeks ago about this project entitled ‘Endangered 13’. It’s not really only about the animals, its about the planet.

“The idea of the project is to raise awareness of species in desperate decline, with many on the brink of extinction,” explains artist Louis Masai, who produced the program along with the environmental art platform Human Nature.

From the video description, “It’s widely predicted that as many as two-thirds of all species could be near extinction by the end of this century. But, some are now rising in population due to increasing concern about the extinction crisis. Co-ordinated conservation efforts include the protection of natural habitats and prevention of destructive practices such as illegal hunting.”



Farewell: I Have A Dream

Farewell is a public installation artist who here uses his familiarity with performance to create a staged drama for video that imagines escaping from life as a refugee.


Ronzo: All Good In The Wood

 ‘ALL GOOD IN THE WOOD’ is a mural by Ronzo in the Wood Street area of Walthamstow in East London. Part of ‘Wood Street Walls’ Art festival and, it is an initiative to provide affordable work spaces for artist in East London (which has sadly became almost impossible).


Carole Feuerman: “Where would I be without art?…I’d be lost”

Everyone has a path to follow and no two are exactly the same. It takes bravery to make your own route and sometimes there is not much help, if any. But you have to do it anyway. This is a well-told story told by Carole Feuerman and the Brass Brothers.