BSA Film Friday: 01.30.15



Our weekly focus on the moving image and art in the streets. And other oddities.

Now screening :

1. Joe Caslin “Our Nation’s Sons”
2. Narcelio Grund: Ground Printer
3. Axel Void ASAP from TostFilms
4. Andaluz The Artist pays tribute to the late Robin Williams
5. Spaik: Video Mapping Toluca, Mexico.


BSA Special Feature: Joe Caslin “Our Nation’s Sons”

A look at the many drawings Joe Caslin and his team installed throughout 2014 in his native Scotland. If you follow BSA a little, you may have seen a number of these pieces before, a social awareness campaign that addresses stereotyping and prejudice that all societies can relate to – the concept of “the other” is as old as the hills and as new as 2015. Caslin says the spoken word piece was written specifically for the project by Ms. Erin Fornoff.


Narcelio Grund: Ground Printer

 The latest invention from Narcelio Grud encircles you with rainbows. His creativity and imagination never is exhausted, even when the paint runs out.


Axel Void ASAP from TostFilms

Axel Void visited Puerto Rico a couple of weeks ago and did this painting of a boxer – a local hero, based on an old photograph. TostFilms created this brief and and effective stop action film to record it.

Andaluz The Artist pays tribute to the late Robin Williams

 Andaluz calls it “comically colorful”, his portrait of the comedian and actor Robin Williams, who passed away in the last year.

Spaik: Video Mapping Toluca, Mexico.

 Mexican muralist and Street Artist Spaik also is an animator and he helped to create an enormous animated show for an enthralled audience using video image mapping and historic buildings in Toluca.