Roberto Yuichi Shimizu Kinoshita, Curiot in Mexico City : 14 From 2014

Happy Holidays to all of you charming and sparkling BSA readers!
It’s been a raucous sleigh ride with you and we thank everyone most sincerely for your support and participation this year. A sort of tradition for us at the end of this December we are marking the year with “14 from 2014”. We asked photographers and curators from various perspectives of street culture to share a gem with all of us that means something to them. Join us as we collectively say goodbye and thank you to ’14.
Roberto Shimizu is a determined yet down-to-earth promoter on the Street Art scene in Mexico City – interestingly, he comes to it through his fathers very large collection of antique toys at The Toy Museum Mexico (MUJAM).  Over the last few years we have watched and assisted him in drawing interested Street Artists globally to partner with him on a variety of public works, and often they are conceived around the concept of community and Mexican history. Invariably we get good reports from the artists who join in his latest vision, which is evolving even today, as Roberto Jr. tells about a project he pulled together this year with the city to adorn a school with a mural by Curiot.

“This mural is a collaboration between the Toy Museum Mexico, the office of the mayor in Mexico City, and The National Youth Institute. Since 1930s when Diego Rivera, Siqueiros and Orozco painted the last murals on government buildings it has been more than 90 years since a Mexico City metro building was painted by a Mexican Muralist, making this wall an historic happening.

The Colegio Militar metro building was painted with the intention to inspire all the young people who take courses and classes there. More than 20 elementary schools and secondary schools are in the same neighborhood so we had a lot of kids passing and looking every day watching how this normal wall became a nice huge mural.

With it we hope to give people the message that no matter how little we are if we work hard we can succeed.”

~Roberto Simizu



Curiot. “Quetzen Tul”, Mexico, City. (Wladimir Sanchez)

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