BSA Film Friday 10.24.14



Our weekly focus on the moving image and art in the streets. And other oddities.

Now screening :

1. Spotlight on Brazil: Street Culture in São Paulo


A new French documentary about Sao Paulo street culture with host Véronique Chainon takes a calm and measured look at the currents on the block in this Brazillian city of 11 million. Included with an interview with a breaking crew, a parkour class, zine makers and other contributors to this city’s vibrant youth culture, Ms. Chainon interviews Street Artist (Edwardo) Kobra in studio and on the street about pichação, street art, and his eye popping murals. Alexander Orion, a Street Artist with a gallery show is interviewed, as well as writers, pixadores, and a number of people familiar with the graffiti and pichação scene. You also get a look at Abayomi Ateliê, a a cultural space that develops the activities of production and customization of clothing, crafts, accessories and graffiti – and you get to see some of the graffiti ladies in action.

The best part is the opportunity to see a large cross section of the varied and usually high quality Street Art and graffiti that covers many neighborhoods in this international city, and to get a real idea what the sabor of São Paulo is right now.


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