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Our weekly focus on the moving image and art in the streets. And other oddities.

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1. GIFS GONE WILD! in London Streets

BSA Special Feature: Guus ter Beek & Tayfun Sarier

Only one video this week because we have crossed a threshold with this one and it proudly stands on its own.

“GIFS gone WILD!” Otherwise known as “Internet Proposes Marriage to The Street”.

Guus ter Beek & Tayfun Sarier are just the sort of experimenters that keep the Street Art scene fresh and a live petri dish for interaction and discovery. Using a form of art that folks like Street Artist General Howe has been exploring in his military state wake-up-call cartoons online for the past year or so, these two guys invited fourteen GIF artists to display their rapid-loop digital optics to air on the street.

Oops, sorry if those Gen Howe bits were too violent and disconcerting. Lighten things up with this Cat GIF Tumblr.


The framed iPads are affixed to lamp posts and stuck throughout locations in London like Shoreditch High Street, Curtain Road, Liverpool Street, Oxford Street, Regent Street, Westminster Bridge, and Trafalgar Square.  Yes, they do get attention, say the artists, and not surprisingly, from millenials who are already transfixed by their own handy flat screens at all times.

This is just the kind of experimentation we’ll be drawing attention to next week in Stavanger, Norway when we present BSA Film Friday LIVE at Nuart PLUS 2014, with special guest Vandalog. We’ll be looking at explorers, experimenters, and Anti-heroes who have been showing up on our weekly dashboard and RJ has already shown us some pretty funny new ones we hadn’t seen yet.


Shout out to these experimenters and to the GIF artists including Dain Fagerholm Davidope, Disney, Second-Impact, Haydiroket, Nintendo-Gifs, 89-a, Totaleyefuck, Spacecadet, Endearingyouare, Caitlin Burns, Clay Rodery, Falcao Lucas, and Miron. Imagine what the streets will look like when tablets are for sale in the dollar bin.


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