Sacred Gallery Presents: KIDLEW “Haloz Wuz Here” (Manhattan, NYC)

The artistic mind of KIDLEW
“Haloz Wuz Here”

Opening Friday, Feb 8th. 8-11pm
No Cover. Runs from Feb 8th – 28th

Opening Friday, February 8th. 8-11pm
Open to the public. Free of Charge. 21+ with ID to drink

HALOZ WUZ HERE is a collection of work expanding on the notion that
everything and everyone has both good and evil. Playing with the
juxtaposition of singular and multiple images (all while using the
same sized canvases), the show is a study on how these characters
dispositions changes to the viewers prospective. Adding to this
study, this is the first time that Kidlew (as a colorblind artist) has
expanded his color palette beyond the usual Black characters found in
all previous works.