Nominations Are Open for Best Street Art Photo of 2012

THE 12 PHOTOS OF ’12  – As picked by BSA Readers

Nominate Your Uncle Melvin!
Nominate that girl on!
Nominate yourself!

Show BSA your favorite Street Art Photo of the year and it could be one of our top 12 of ’12!

Photographers and Street Art Fans: What is your favorite photo of Street Art for 2012? Probably millions of them were snapped in the last 12 months, but only a few rise to the top of the list as the most compelling, most impressive, most riveting, most inspiring. What’s yours?

For the last 12 days of ’12 BSA will feature the very best as nominated by BSA readers, whether you took the image yourself, saw it on another site, on Instagram, Tumblr or your grandma’s Facebook wall, we’re dying  to see it!

You KNOW you have a good eye, so send us your nomination for Street Art photo of the year by December 14, 2012 and your choice may ride the top spot on BSA for the whole day.

1.    Only one image may be nominated, and it should be at least 740 pixels wide.
2.    It must include the credit for the photographer
3.    If you are the photographer and are sending it, you are giving us permission to publish it.
4.    If the image was posted on another site, please send us the original link to the posting.
5.    Include your name, city, and anything else you might like to tell us about the image.
6.    We select the final 12, and all decisions by editors are final. No weeping.

Send your nomination for Best Street Art Photo of 2012 to

Deadline is Friday 12/14/12. And Thank You!